AGI Announces its Back to School Sale on Best-Selling Geoscience Publications

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AGI Announces its Back to School Sale on Best-Selling Geoscience Publications
John Rasanen (
Alexandria, VA – The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) announces its 2016 Back to School Sale for the geoscience community as the fall semester starts.
For almost 70 years, AGI has been the leader in geoscience publishing helping to educate geoscience students and professionals worldwide. With the new academic year starting, we have placed some of our best selling publications for students and professionals on sale through September 30, 2016:
  • The definitive guide to field study and the laboratory is the Geoscience Handbook: AGI Data Sheets, Fifth Edition. This one-of-a-kind reference tool is indispensable to the student or seasoned professional and is on sale for $48 (regularly $59.99) plus shipping. Sample chapters and the table of contents can be seen here.
  • AGI’s Glossary of Geology is on sale for $70 plus shipping. It contains nearly 40,000 entries, and many entries include background information and aids to syllabication. AGI is offering it for a 30% discount off the $99 retail price.
  • AGI’s Glossary of Geology App is now on sale for $19.99 for both iOS and Android through the AppStore and Google Play. The app features full-text search, hyperlinked See-Also, and the ability to flag and store terms.
  • The Dictionary of Mining, Minerals and Related Terms is now on sale for just $25 plus shipping.
  • The Glossary of Hydrology is now just $5 plus shipping.
  • Rock your office by showing up in the “I’m a Geoscientist T-shirt,” now available for only $5 plus shipping.
All products, except the app, can be purchased by going to For more information on these, and any other AGI product or service, do not hesitate to contact John Rasanen at
The American Geosciences Institute is a nonprofit federation of geoscientific and professional associations that represents more than 250,000 geologists, geophysicists and other earth scientists. Founded in 1948, AGI provides information services to geoscientists, serves as a voice of shared interests in the profession, plays a major role in strengthening geoscience education, and strives to increase public awareness of the vital role the geosciences play in society’s use of resources, resiliency to natural hazards, and interaction with the environment.

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