'America's Geologic Heritage' Explored in Groundbreaking Publication

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'America's Geologic Heritage' Explored in Groundbreaking Publication
December 1, 2015
Alexandria, VA - The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is pleased to announce the release of "America's Geologic Heritage: An Invitation to Leadership," prepared by the National Park Service's Geologic Resources Division staff in cooperation with the American Geosciences Institute.
This publication synthesizes recent concepts that have been developed in the global geologic resource conservation community and puts them into context for a uniquely American approach to geologic heritage conservation. Definitions and discussions are provided for important terms such as geologic heritage, geodiversity, and geoconservation. The rich history of geologic site preservation in the U.S., and the values and benefits to society are presented. The book invites scientists, educators, curators, and other individuals and communities to become involved.
In addition, this book helps to meet one of the goals from an invitational workshop in March 2013 on America's Geologic Heritage hosted by the National Research Council and sponsored by AGI, Geological Society of America, Colorado Geological Survey, and National Park Service.
"Five Big Ideas" of America's geologic heritage are explored in this publication:
  • America's geologic landscape is an integral part of our history and cultural identity, and we have a proud tradition of exploring and preserving our geologic heritage;
  • America's geologic heritage, as shaped by geologic processes over billions of years, is diverse and extensive;
  • America's geologic heritage holds abundant values-aesthetic, artistic, cultural, ecological, economic, educational, recreational, and scientific-for all Americans;
  • America's geologic heritage benefits from established conservation methods developed around the world and within the United States; and
  • America's geologic heritage engages many communities, and your involvement will ensure its conservation for future generations.
AGI and the National Park Service hope that readers including students, educators, policy makers, and others will find this book beneficial to understanding the evolving concepts and growing communities associated with geologic heritage. The book is available for download online at http://go.nps.gov/americasgeoheritage.
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