Geoscience Currents #81: Salaries and Employment Locations of Recent Geoscience Graduates

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Carolyn Wilson (; 703-379-2480)


Geoscience Currents #81: Salaries and Employment Locations of Recent Geoscience Graduates             

Alexandria, VA - Following the release of data from over 71 geoscience departments in the National Geoscience Student Exit Survey, Currents #81 examines preliminary results on where geoscience students found employment following graduation, and at which salary level.

Graduating geoscience students came from institutions nationwide; however, the majority of those who found employment did so in Texas, California and Oklahoma. Those who found employment in Texas and Oklahoma were predominantly hired into petroleum industry. Geoscience graduates working in California found positions in environmental services, research institutes and government agencies.

On average, recently employed geoscience graduates who found employment had annual salaries between $20,000 and $60,000. Notably, those with salary of $90,000 or more, were employed in the petroleum industry.


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