Joint Earth Day Statement from AGI and Partners

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — To highlight the vital role that geoscience knowledge plays in fostering action toward sustainability, the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) joins the American Geophysical Union and 16 additional global partners in issuing a joint Earth Day 2024 (April 22) statement:

As we celebrate Earth Day, our geoscience communities will continue to promote the conscientious applications of science and find innovative solutions that support sustainable human activities, including our own diverse work and across all sectors of society.

The Global Earth Day 2024 theme, "Planet versus Plastics," reminds us that the products we use and the actions we take have significant impacts on the interconnected systems that make up our planet. Geoscience provides information that can guide our decisions in ways that support responsible, deliberate, and more sustainable uses of resources.

To this joint statement, AGI adds:

The American Geosciences Institute supports Earth Day as an important opportunity to raise geoscience awareness, which is also supported through Earth Science Week (October 13-19, 2024) and its theme of "Earth Science Everywhere."

Recognizing that the official theme for Earth Day 2024 is "Planet versus Plastics," AGI has hosted an Earth Day Webinar — "Breaking Down Microplastics" — exploring the multifaceted issue of plastic pollution and microplastics. The free webinar is available online now as a recorded presentation.
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