Strategy For the Future 2018-2021

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A world that understands and trusts the role of the geosciences in fostering
creative solutions for the Earth and humanity.


AGI represents and serves the geoscience community by providing collaborative leadership and information to connect  
Earth, science, and  people.

Scientists wearing safety vests and helmets look at their notes in front of a rocky forested backdrop.AGI VALUES

The importance of science in understanding and managing our natural resources

The broad sharing of scientific knowledge

A diverse geoscience workforce in which all are empowered to reach their highest potential

The collaboration of organizations and individuals to address challenging scientific issues

Scientists stand by a truck with weather monitoring equipment with a large stormcloud overhead


Member organizations


Students and teachers

The science-interested public

Corporate, academic, governmental, and non-governmental decision makers

Students and teacher laying on a dock over a swampy lake. The teacher is holding a net, showing the students some creatures.


We are a nonpartisan, fact-based, objective science organization

We facilitate collaboration across the geoscience community

We communicate and share geoscience knowledge to a vast network of stakeholders

We support the education of future geoscientists

We support well-informed public policy and decision making

We facilitate dialogue between the geoscience community and decision makers

Two young scientists working in a lab. One wears a big smile as she shows something to her colleague.KEY CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES

Inculcate vision, mission, and values deeply within the organization

Align all aspects of the organization to best business practices

Build and manage relationships with diverse stakeholders, internal and external

Establish a sustainable financial model for achieving long-term success

A satellite with solar panels and the Earth in the background. OVERARCHING GOALS

Become the premier credible, and trusted, communicator of the geosciences

Become a clear, recognizable brand

Become the go-to leader for one geoscience voice

Become the primary convener of geoscience community leaders

Achieve long-term financial sustainability

Achieve full transparency and collaboration across the AGI enterprise