American Rock Mechanics Association

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ARMA serves as an advocate for firms and individuals for all aspects of rock mechanics, rock engineering, and geomechanics. ARMA provides a communications link, a forum, and an information resource for members, related organizations, and the public. ARMA's goal is to disseminate information through meetings, publications, and the Internet. ARMA publishes ARMA e-Newsletter, a periodic electronic newsletter , conducts educational workshops and short courses, organizes topical symposia, and sponsors the annual U.S. Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium. ARMA serves as an information repository on the development of rock mechanics, rock engineering, and geomechanics, and promotes the development of knowledge within the field. ARMA maintains U.S. membership in the International Society for Rock Mechanics.

ARMA is governed by the Board of Directors and adheres to a set of approved By-Laws.

The ARMA Fellows Program recognizes select individuals who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in the area of rock mechanics. Currently, there are 18 individuals who have been inducted as ARMA Fellows.