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AAG: New AP Course Proposed; New Section Editor Sought

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The American Association of Geographers has proposed a new Advanced Placement course in Geographic Information Science and Technology (AP GIS&T) which has been designed to "introduce high school students to the fundamentals of geographic information science and applications of powerful geospatial technologies for spatial analysis and problem solving." Currently 250 attestations from high schools, and 100 colleges and universities are needed to make this a reality. 

Informational Text Strategies

"Informational text" provides factual information about the world to readers. Being able to understand these texts is an important skill for college and career readiness. As well, many readers find informational text highly motivating, since the topics that are covered may be of great personal interest.

Informational Text Strategies: CERR

Informational Text Strategies: Close Reading

Indicators of K-12 Geoscience Education

As part of our effort to enhance geosciences education awareness, the American Geosciences Institute collects science education data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and summarizes the data into reports at the elementary and secondary levels. The data and reports are available here. The data and reports provide geosciences education indicators pertaining to teacher preparation, curriculum, instruction, learning contexts, extra-curricular programs, monitoring systems, and accountability.

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