Do you use geologic map data? Take our survey!

Geologic mapping survey postcard.
The AGI Workforce Program is investigating how geoscientists use geologic maps in the course of their work. This survey, combined with a voluntary follow-up survey, will be used to determine the extent to which geologic map data are used throughout the economy. This is a preliminary survey designed to understand the general
scope and extent of the use of geologic map data (including bedrock, gravity, magnetics, surficial, hazards, flood maps, and more).

NDGS Looks at Paleontology Exhibits Across North Dakota, and more!

Cover of the July 2016 North Dakota Geo News that shows a picture of a family looking at dinosaur fossils in a museum.
The North Dakota Geological Survey July 2016 issue of Geo News is now available. This month they explored the many paleontology exhibits that are available across the state of North Dakota which include a spectacular array of dinosaurs including triceratops, mosasaur, and fossils that harken back to present day North Dakota's swampy past.

Defining Critical Issues Survey: Final Survey Results

The preliminary results of the survey were released at the end of November 2013 with the goal to garner additional input from the decision-making community and general public, the non-academic sectors of the geoscience community, and individuals in the age groups between 18 and 44 years of age. However, only an additional 130 useable responses were received in December, primarily from geoscientists in the post-secondary academic sector. Thus, we were unable to substantially gain more in-depth insights into the decision-making community and public cohorts.

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