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The GeoWord of the Day is a free service of the American Geosciences Institute. All of the terms and definitions are from the Glossary of Geology, 5th Edition Revised.

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heat flux [oceanog] . The transfer of heat through a unit area of the sea surface, usually in watts per square meter. The flux is due to evaporation, solar radiation, infrared radiation, and direct conduction.

hydrotungstite (hy-dro-tung'-stite). A dark green monoclinic mineral: WO2(OH)2•H2O .

stromoconolith (stro-mo-con'-o-lith). A layered igneous intrusion that is either conical or funnel-shaped (Tomkeieff, 1961). Obsolete.

asselbornite (as'-sel-born-ite). A brown or yellow cubic mineral: (Pb,Ba)(UO2)6(BiO)4(AsO4)2(OH)12•3H2O .

atelestite (at-e-les'-tite). A yellow or yellowish-green monoclinic mineral: Bi2O(AsO4)(OH) . Isomorphous with smrkovecite and hechtsbergite.

oolitic (o-o-lit'-ic). Pertaining to an oolite, or to a rock or mineral made up of ooliths; e.g. an "oolitic ironstone", in which iron oxide or iron carbonate has replaced the calcium carbonate of an oolitic limestone. Also spelled: oölitic.

transitional-water wave . A wave that is moving from deep water to shallow water, i.e. is transitional between a deep-water wave and a shallow-water wave; its wavelength is more than twice but less than 25 times the depth of the water, and the wave orbitals are beginning to be influenced by the bottom. Syn: intermediate wave.

Raman lines . Shifted lines in the Raman spectrum. They are typically at longer wavelengths than the exciting radiation (Stokes lines), but shorter wavelengths (anti-Stokes lines) may occasionally appear.

Mima mound (Mi'-ma [my'-ma]). A term used in the NW U.S. for one of numerous low, circular or oval domes composed of loose, unstratified, gravelly silt and soil material, built upon glacial outwash on a hog-wallow landscape; the basal diameter varies from 3 m to >30 m, and the height from 30 cm to about 2 m. Named after the Mima Prairie in western Washington State. Cf: pimple mound.

coordinate system . A reference system for defining points in space or on a particular surface by means of distances and/or angles with relation to designated axes, planes, or surfaces.


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