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EarthComm (Earth System Science in the Community)  is an Earth Science curriculum developed by the American Geological Institute (AGI) and supported by the National Science Foundation and donors of the American Geological Institute Foundation. Through EarthComm, AGI focuses attention on the national deficiency in high school Earth Science education (grades 9-12) and on development of a complete high-school Earth Science curriculum. The EarthComm vision is the teaching, learning, and practice of Earth science by all students in all U.S. high schools. This website contains resources for teachers, students and parents as well as information on the development of the curricula.

The Athena Group has produced audio podcasts to accompany many EarthComm activities. These provide information to students and teachers about how to teach activities as well as the content they contain. Go to the following link to download or listen to EarthComm podcasts:

EarthComm modular editions
AGI/It's About Time