Investigation 6: The Quality of Your Water Resources

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To learn more about pollutants, visit the following web sites:

Pesticides in Ground Water , USGS
This report summarizes a comprehensive analysis of existing information on national and regional patterns of pesticides in the atmosphere and major influences on their sources and transport.

Forms of Surface Water Pollution, Exploring the Environment
Read this brief classification of some different types of water pollutants.

NAWQA Pesticide National Synthesis Project, USGS
This page provides links to articles about pesticide use data and statistics.

To learn more about the harmful micro-organisms, visit the following web sites:

Bacteria and Other Microorganisms in Household Water, National Agriculture Safety Database
This article focuses on deciding whether to test household water for harmful bacteria and what to do if the water is polluted.

To learn more about natural solutes, visit the following web sites:

Drinking Water - Hard Water, University of Nebraska
Read this article about what causes hard water, potential health effects, testing, and treating it.

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