Environmental Awareness Series Author Guidelines

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Travis L. Hudson - EAS Coordinator
American Geological Institute
902 Vista del Mar
Sequim, WA 98382
Voice: (360) 582-1844
Fax: (360) 582-1845

The EAS Coordinator is responsible for technical review, funding, and timely production of each publication in a format and style approved by the Environmental Geoscience Advisory Committee and AGI.

The Environmental Awareness Series publications present earth science-related environmental issues to the general public. Many in the intended audience will have little, if any, scientific training; therefore authors should focus their writing at the non-technical level.

To ensure consistency in style, each publication should include the following:

Preface: The preface should briefly describe the reason for writing the publication, its topical focus, and its intended audience. All acknowledgments should be included in the preface.

Introduction: The introduction (commonly titled It Helps to Know in many series books) identifies the key environmental issues covered in the book. It also provides summary background information that helps achieve the books objectives. This is a good place to clarify why the topic is relevant to the reader.

Body of Text: The text can be divided into sections or chapters that expand on the appropriate environmental issues. Descriptions and clarifications of the geological components of the topic are appropriate. A discussion of future concerns and expectations can be a helpful way to conclude the book.

Glossary: Each publication should include a glossary defining key terms in non-technical language.

Additional Resources: A section on additional information resources should be included in lieu of a detailed bibliography.

References: References should not be included in the text. Add appropriate references to the Additional Resources section.

Format: Each publication project should follow the specification listed below.

Trim size: 8½ x 11"

Book length: 64 printed pages. (Depending on the number of illustrations used, roughly 50, 8½ x 11", double-spaced manuscript pages will produce 36 printed pages.)

Illustrations: The generous use of figures and graphics is encouraged. Color is also welcome. Flat images, using either a matte or glossary finish are acceptable, as are transparencies.

Units: English units should be used, followed by metric equivalents in parentheses.

For any questions about format, please contact the EAS Coordinator.