Environmental Publications

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The Environmental Awareness Series is a major project in AGI's Environmental Affairs program. The series booklets cover major topics of environmental and societal concern and demonstrate the complexity and interconnection of natural systems that we use and depend upon. Each booklet is an effective educational tool that provides a readable, well-illustrated introduction to a topic. Target audiences for the booklets include general readers, legislators, teachers, and students. The eleven booklets below are published and several other booklets are in review or under development. Guidelines for authors are available online.

Environmental Awareness Series


Other Environmental Publications

The American Geological Institute published an Environmental Geoscience Directory in 1996. While the publication is no longer available in print, two of the listings from the directory are provided online.

Role of Geosciences in the Environment is a white paper prepared by AGI's Environmental Geoscience Advisory Committee for the National Institute for the Environment. It is available online.

The Ground Water and Soil Contamination Data Base was released in 1996. It now contains over 100,000 citations and is updated weekly. This database is available online.

Glossary of Hydrology was published in 1998 and contains over 4,000 terms. The glossary provides a listing of the most frequently used hydrologic terms and their definitions for hydrologists, engineers, environmentalists, geoscientists, and others working in the field.

Groundwater - A Primer This booklet will increase your understanding of groundwater occurrence and distribution, flow and relation to surface water, water use and quality, and contamination and protection.

Environmental Research Needs of Metal Mining was published jointly by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME) and AGI in 1998. This booklet reports on the priority environmental problems encountered at mining-related Superfund sites and uses this as a basis for defining related research needs and potential research directions for consideration by the academic, government, and private sectors.

Remediation of Historical Mine Sites was published jointly by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME) and AGI in 1998. This publication identifies existing or developing environmental remediation methods that may have current or future application to historical hard-rock mining sites. It is intended as an introduction to the currently known range of methods.