DeepKarst Conference Proceedings are Now Available

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Cover of the Proceedings from the 2016 DeepKart Symposium
In April 2016, the National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI) hosted the first DeepKarst conference on hypogene karst. The papers from that conference are now available as NCKRI Symposium 6. The 203-page proceedings volume contains 31 peer-reviewed papers by scientists from 10 countries, organized under the following headings: a) Hypogene Speleogenesis Models, b) Regional Case Studies in Hypogenic Speleogenesis, c) Hypogenic Speleogenesis and Petroleum, d) Hydrothermal Karst, e) Hypogenic Drivers for Ecosystems, and f) Local Case Studies in Hypogenic Speleogenesis. Also available is the Program with Abstracts and the field trip guidebook: Evaporite Karst of the Lower Pecos Valley, New Mexico.