Wenner array

Wenner array (Wen'-ner). An electrode array in which the four electrodes are in line and equally spaced, and in which the outer pair is used to inject current into the ground while the inner pair is used to measure differences in potential.

The First Awardees of the Celebrate 100 Grants

With the beginning of AGU’s Centennial upon us, I am so pleased and excited to announce the first two awardees of AGU’s Celebrate 100 Grants. Centennial is about you and the science that you undertake every day. It is about inspiring all to participate, support, and advance the power of science to make the world a better place for us and for future generations. To help you do this, AGU is awarding Celebrate 100 Grants of up to $10,000 to support projects of members and nonmembers around the globe that showcase the far-reaching societal benefits of Earth and space science. Projects can take on virtually any shape and use a host of methods to promote the value of our science, the more innovative and collaborative the better.

PGS: human behavio(u)r when earthquakes shake

Happy Thanksgiving!  Due to the AGU Fall Meeting coming to town, our December meeting is a week early.  If you will be at AGU, we encourage you to drop by the session being convened by the PGS — T13E: Geology and Geophysics of the National Capital Region Posters on the afternoon of Monday, December 10.  Afterward, the group will be heading out for happy hour (more details to come!).  You’re welcome to join us for drinks and conversation even if you’re unab

Four female geologists who deserve £50 note fame!

Earlier this month, the Bank of England announced it would be selecting a new face of the £50 note, which has featured steam engine industrialists Matthew Boulton and James Watt since 2011. The scientific community was excited to learn that the new note will feature a scientist – and the public have been invited to … Continue reading


plagiaplite (pla-gi-ap'-lite). An aplite composed chiefly of plagioclase (oligoclase to andesine), possibly green hornblende, and accessory quartz, biotite, and muscovite; a fine-grained diorite. Obsolete.

From China to Mexico: Promoting Collaboration in the Earth and Space Sciences

AGU CEO/Executive Director Chris McEntee

In his post “Solidarity Among Scientists Across the Globe Is Needed Now More Than Ever” on From the Prow from 25 July 2018, AGU President Eric Davidson wrote that “we must stand together to insist that scientific collaboration remains international, and interdisciplinary.” It was so heartening to see support for his words during recent AGU leadership trips to China and Mexico. During these visits, our international colleagues and hosts agreed wholeheartedly with Eric’s words and expressed their ongoing commitment to preserving global scientific exchange and collaboration despite increasing calls of nationalism by political leaders in many countries around the world.

Here is a short recap of our various visits:

defect lattice

defect lattice (de'-fect). A crystal lattice in which the expected systemic repetition is interrupted by an omission, an inclusion of an extra item, or the substitution of an unexpected item. Cf: Schottky defect.


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