Resources for Future Generations 2018: Thought-Leadership

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RFG March 2018 flyer

The Resources for Future Generations 2018 Program Schedule has been released and it boasts an impressive line-up of speakers covering an engaging and provocative number of panels, debates, thematic keynotes, and public lectures.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • Future resources: sources and constraints: an overview of resource opportunities and challenges, The
  • Earth through time: a look at some of the major tectonic, magmatic, geochemical and biological changes that have occurred on earth over time, and their implications for resources needed to sustain humans,
  • Future of Energy: How will we continue to increase our supply of energy to meet human needs while minimizing the impact on the environment?
  • Energy supply and use - relationship to water and mineral extraction
  • The Arctic: A introduction from northern political and Indigenous leaders followed by overviews of the critical geoscientific data, the relationship to Indigenous communities and resource development
  • Resources: Who owns resources and who ultimately benefits from resources? Should this change and how will change happen?
  • Water constraints: What controls and limits the supply of water, globally and locally? How do we evaluate the availability and sources of water and how does that impact mining and Indigenous communities?
  • Mineral supply: Two lectures examining the availability and supply of different minerals and critical importance to the modern world

Check out the program and speaker list here: