35th IGC Sessions

35th International Geological Congress Sessions

Paper Number Title Presenting Authorsort descending Session Abstract
5559 The Permo-Triassic sedimentological record in the Pai-Khoi area, Arctic Russia: a framework for a better understanding of the evolution and timing of deformation in the Pai-Khoi fold-and-thrust belt Dr. Gloria Heilbronn T29.P2 - Basin Formation and Continental Margins
1505 3D targeting based on geoscience datasets and metallogenic model in the east of Gejiu Tin Polymetallic District, China Dr. Gongwen Wang T7.15 - Geoscience Data and Information Systems PDF icon 1505.pdf
247 Volcanic arc turbidites of the Ediacaran Rocha Formation linked to the Brasiliano Orogeny and Kalahari Craton (Cuchilla Dionisio Terrane, Uruguay) Dr. Gonzalo Blanco T30.1b - Mechanisms and timescale of West Gondwana amalgamation PDF icon 247.pdf
336 Fluid inclusion studies of shear – controlled gold mineralization of G.R.Halli area, Chitradurga Schist belt, Dharwar Craton. Dr. GOVINDAPPA GOPALAKRISHNA T27.10 - The Crustal Gold Cycle (jointly sponsored by SEG and SGA) PDF icon 336.pdf
2022 Fe (Ti, Cu) mineralizations in NE Poland and S-SE Lithuania: their possible links and implications for regional evolution Dr. Grazina Skridlaite T18.P4 - Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 2022.pdf
1969 Geodiversity vs biodiversity in protected areas of Lithuania: examples, protection measures and problems Dr. Grazina Skridlaite T1.6 - Geoheritage and Conservation PDF icon 1969.pdf
3010 Characteristics of the Early Silurian organic-rich black shales in central part of the Baltic Silurian Basin: implications for shale oil(gas) reservoir quality Dr. Grazina Skridlaite T21.P4 - Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 3010.pdf
4348 Coastal geomorphological processes shaped iSimangaliso World Heritage Site Dr. Greg Botha T1.2 - Geoheritage and Geoparks PDF icon 4348.pdf
3455 Before Plate Tectonics: The Long Exchange between Physics and Geology from 1600 to the 20th Century Dr. Gregory Good T10.7 - Historical Studies of Gondwana PDF icon 3455.pdf
4792 John Herschel's Landscapes and Geology: the Cape Colony in the 1830s Dr. Gregory Good T10.3 - History of Geology in Africa PDF icon 4792.pdf
822 Archean life on land Dr. Gregory Retallack T32.17 - Early Earth Mineral Systems / Evolution of Archaean cratonic cover successions PDF icon 822.pdf
5586 Metallogenesis of Mesozoic Orogenic Gold Deposit in Bangong-Nujiang Suture Belt: An Example from the Shangxu Gold Deposit Dr. Guangming Li T27.11 - The Crustal Gold Cycle (jointly sponsored by SEG and SGA) PDF icon 5586.pdf
2164 A multidisciplinary study on the Xiangshan uranium-bearing caldera structure: evidences from anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and gravity modeling Dr. Guangrong Li T46.16 - Volcanic landforms and sedimentary processes / Open session PDF icon 2164.pdf
4535 Fluid activities during oceanic subduction recorded by garnet oxygen isotopes Dr. Guibin Zhang T38.16 - HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts PDF icon 4535.pdf
4138 Anthropogenic carbonate deposits: a new tool for environmental studies and archaeology Dr. Gül Sürmelihindi T4.3 - From the Caspian to the Mediterranean: Environmental change and human response during the Quaternary: IGCP610 PDF icon 4138.pdf
5327 The mechanism of metal precipitation in the Dexing giant ore cluster, South China: evidence from fluid inclusions Dr. Guo-Guang Wang T37.2 - Fluid and melt inclusion in Minerals PDF icon 5327.pdf
959 Petrogenesis Implications of Zoned Spinel from Northeastern Jiangxi Province Ophiolite (NEJXO), China Dr. Guolin Guo T31.P5 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 959.pdf
2192 Poisson’s ratio and porosity in deep seismic zone under Izu-Bonin, Japan Dr. Guoming Jiang T31.P5 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 2192.pdf
3482 Typomorphic mineralogy of the Vattikod lamproites from Mesoproterozoic Ramadugu Lamproite Field, Nalgonda District, Telangana, India: A plausible manifestation of subduction-related alkaline magmatism in the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt? Dr. Gurmeet Kaur T33.15 - Proterozoic magmatic processes; insights into the crustal growth and accretionary events in diverse tectonic settings PDF icon 3482.pdf
5423 The Saga of Indian mines: Environmental and Social Relevance Dr. Gurmeet Kaur T14.10 - Geoscience at the nexus of industry, water and social impacts of the extractive and power industries PDF icon 5423.pdf
392 Application of a New Wavelet Threshold Method in Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoir Seismic Data Denoising Dr. Guxi Wang T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication
3155 The Kokchetav Massif: Type locality of metamorphic diamonds Dr. H.-P. Schertl T31.15 - Diamonds and Crustal Recycling into Deep Mantle PDF icon 3155.pdf
3154 Jadeitites and related HP-rocks from the Rio San Juan Complex, Dominican Republic: Petrological characterization and archaeological implications Dr. H.-P. Schertl T38.16 - HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts PDF icon 3154.pdf
2461 Pan-African collission, slab break-off and Rheic Ocean opening imprinted in Pre-Variscan complexes of the Western Tatra Mountains, Western Carpathians (Poland/Slovakia) Dr. hab. Aleksandra Gaweda T29.4 - Rift basins and rifted margins: architecture and evolution PDF icon 2461.pdf
2437 Igneous protoliths of the Uivak gneiss, Saglek block, northern Labrador Dr. hab. Monika A. Kusiak T32.P4 - The Hadean and Archaean Earth PDF icon 2437.pdf
945 Climate variability of the Asian monsoon and Westerlies as seen through speleothem records Dr. Hai Cheng T4.2 - Climate Change Studies / Climate Change Impact on Global Water Resources PDF icon 945.pdf
5169 Overview of Groundwater in Central Highveld Region, South Africa Dr. Haili Lin T5.P3 - Groundwater and Hydrogeology PDF icon 5169.pdf
1071 Discovery of a new phosphorite ore-bearing strata and stromatolite phosphorites of Dengying Formation of Late Ediacaran in Guizhou Province, SW China Dr. Haili Ren T39.P3 - Evolution of the Biosphere and Biogeoscience PDF icon 1071.pdf
3253 Characteristics of tectonics and genetic types of bearing-oil-gas basins in South China Sea region Dr. Hailing Liu T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 3253.pdf
648 Subannual-to-biannual-resolved record of Indian Summer Monsoon intensity in the early Holocene recorded by a travertine at the eastern edge of Tibetan Plateau Dr. Hailong Sun T4.10 - Speleothem and Speleogenesis: Past Climate Change, Monsoon and Geomicrobiological Process PDF icon 648.pdf
1529 The structural characteristics of the northern part of Adana Basin, southern Turkey Dr. Halil Yusufoglu T30.10a - Tectonics of Tethys with an Emphasis on the Geology of Turkey and Iran, and Comparison with Other Tethyan Domains PDF icon 1529.pdf
4203 The Nothal Jurassic record as preserved in sequences of Zealandia Dr. Hamish Campbell T44.1 - IGCP 632 Continental Crises of the Jurassic: Major extinction events and environmental changes PDF icon 4203.pdf
3061 The metallogenesis of the lithospheric mantle and its bearing on the Bushveld magmatic event: Evidence from lamprophyric dykes and critical metals in mantle xenolith sulphides Dr. Hannah Hughes T18.6 - Processes governing ore formation in the Bushveld Complex and other mafic and ultramafic magmatic systems (IAGOD-CODMUR sponsored) PDF icon 3061.pdf
3433 Workflow and challenges in the geological mapping of Uganda 2008-2012 Dr. Hannu Mäkitie T3.3 - Geological mapping of Africa – a key for sustainable use of earth resources PDF icon 3433.pdf
3042 Interactive 3D potential field modelling and visualization of complex geological structures Dr. Hans-Juergen Goetze T7.P4 - Geoscience Data and Information Systems PDF icon 3042.pdf
1573 Pollution Potential Mechanisms of Urban Aquifers of Greater Bangalore using Remote Sensing Techniques -A case study , Karnataka, South India Dr. Hanumanahally Kambadarangappa Ramaraju T3.8 - Geoscience for environmental management PDF icon 1573.pdf
852 Kinematics, fabrics and geochronology analysis in the Médog shear zone, Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis Dr. Hanwen Dong T30.3a - Interrelationship between Deformation and Metamorphism during Orogenesis PDF icon 852.pdf
1867 Permian carbonate ooids from the Baoshan Block, China and other Cimmerian terranes with paleogeographic and paleoclimatic significance Dr. Hao Huang T47.4 - Permian global events and correlations PDF icon 1867.pdf
518 Timing of the blueschist-facies metamorphism in the North Qilian orogen Dr. Hao Cheng T38.P5 - Metamorphic Processes PDF icon 518.pdf
668 From micro to macro: Microsampling Lu–Hf garnet geochronology Dr. Hao Cheng T38.P4 - Metamorphic Processes PDF icon 668.pdf
3293 Zircon ages and Hf-O isotopes of the Stolzburg and Honingklip plutons in the southern Barberton Granitoid-Greenstone Terrane, South Africa: Implications for tectonic processes Dr. Hao Wang T32.13 - Crust formation and recycling from the Hadean to the late Archaean: The transition to plate tectonics PDF icon 3293.pdf
1365 Nano- to micron-particulate gold hosted by magnetite from the Beiya gold deposit, SW China Dr. Haoyang Zhou T18.3 - Ore-forming processes associated with hypabyssal magmatic and related volcanic systems (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 1365.pdf
3656 The Gamagara Formation revisited: stratigraphy, sedimentology, origin and metallogenic significance Dr. Harilaos Tsikos T33.P5 - The Proterozoic Earth PDF icon 3656.pdf
1885 Earthquake hazard in Himalayan region: How to mitigate? Dr. Harsh Kumar Gupta T8.12 - Geohazards: Prevention, risk reduction, early warning and preparedness PDF icon 1885.pdf
1888 Investigation of Artificial Water Reservoir Triggered Earthquake at Koyna, India Dr. Harsh Kumar Gupta T8.3 - Geohazards and societal benefits: coping with reality PDF icon 1888.pdf
2100 State of knowledge of young Malagasy people on the Madagascar geoheritage Dr. Hasina Nirina RANDRIANALY T1.8 - Heritage, conservation and management PDF icon 2100.pdf
3262 Meteorites from Morocco: an important implication in Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences improvement Dr. Hasnaa Chennaoui T48.4 - Meteorite Impacts and Meteorite studies
5459 An onshore-offshore record of sedimentation and shoreline shift through two glacial-interglacial cycles Dr. Hayley Cawthra T40.P3 - Marine Geosciences and Oceanography PDF icon 5459.pdf
5460 Evidence for former land surfaces on the emergent South Coast shelf, South Africa Dr. Hayley Cawthra T44.11 - Palaeontology and Palaeo-anthropology PDF icon 5460.pdf
5461 Terrestrial Quaternary sediments preserved on the South African shelf shed light on the glacial palaeoenvironment Dr. Hayley Cawthra T40.4 - Continental Shelves PDF icon 5461.pdf