35th IGC Symposia

35th International Geological Congress Symposia

Paper Number Title Presenting Authorsort ascending Session Abstract
1890 U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry of volcanic rocks in the Manzhouli-Erguna, northeastern China and tectonic implications Ms. Wing Sum Regine Tsui T30.13 - Reconstruction of East Asian Blocks in Pangea PDF icon 1890.pdf
5050 Mineralogy in process control – Reasons for furnace build-up and metal losses to slag Ms. Wilma Clark T23.P4 - Applied Mineralogy and Geometallurgy PDF icon 5050.pdf
5440 Facies variations in the Kalahari-Karoo Basin of Botswana using borehole core and 2D seismic data Ms. Vuyolwethu Mahlalela T28.P5 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 5440.pdf
2872 A comparative study of the geochemistry of two tropical west flowing rivers, southwest coast of India Ms. Vidhya Marina T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 2872.pdf
5199 The Recession – sink or swim: an opportunity for Young Earth Scientists to innovate Ms. Victoria Upindi T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 5199.pdf
1137 Coal geology and quality of the Springbok Flats Basin, South Africa Ms. Valerie Nxumalo T19.P2 - Coal PDF icon 1137.pdf
3757 The CoalBed Methane Resource Potential of the Soutpansberg Basin, South Africa Ms. Tshifhiwa Thovhogi Mr Xavier Schalkwyk T19.P2 - Coal PDF icon 3757.pdf
1908 Phytomining: Investigation on the gold hyperaccumulation capacity of wheat using pot trials and tailings dump material as a substrate Ms. Tshiamo Legoale T14.4 - Environmental Aspects in the Mining Industry PDF icon 1908.pdf
1865 The evaluation of sand grain shapes using elliptic Fourier and principal component analyses: Discrimination of modern sedimentary environments and application to the geological records Ms. Tomoko Hashimoto T28.P4 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 1865.pdf
4312 Microzonation of Johannesburg: Impact of uncertainties associated with earthquake catalogue on seismic hazard assessment Ms. Thifhelimbilu Faith Mulabisana T8.8 - Crustal deformation and seismotectonics in Africa: Active faulting and earthquake hazard assessment / Subaerial and submarine landslide processes and hazards PDF icon 4312.pdf
4160 The geochemistry and geochronology of the Barby Formation, Southern Namibia Ms. Theresia Malobela T34.P1 - Geochronology PDF icon 4160.pdf
4984 A petrographic, geochemical and geochronological study of mafic sills within the Transvaal Supergroup, east of the Bushveld Igneous Complex Ms. Thendo Netshidzivhe T36.P1 - Magmatism - Settings, Compositions and Processes PDF icon 4984.pdf
4328 Comparison and Quantitative Study of Vulnerability/Damage Curves in South Africa Ms. Tebogo Pule T8.10 - Subaerial and submarine landslide processes and hazards PDF icon 4328.pdf
4730 Thermodynamic examination into the causation of the mineralogical cyclicity of the Upper Zone of the Bushveld Complex. Ms. Tawnee Britt T36.2 - Large Igneous Provinces PDF icon 4730.pdf
5149 Science and Education at Congaree National Park Ms. Tarryn Lee T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication
837 Visualising early life on Earth: Building a 4-Dimensional virtual field trip (VFT) of the 3.5 Ga Dresser Formation, North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia. Ms. Tara Djokic T2.13 - Geoscience Education: technology & training the next generation of geoscientists PDF icon 837.pdf
894 Natural Stones of Malawi: Key to Economic and Sustainable Development Ms. Tamara Faith Kamanga T15.1 - Dimension stone and building materials (sponsored by IAEG C-10, HSTG and IGCP 637) PDF icon 894.pdf
1479 History of the geology of Malawi Ms. Tamara Faith Kamanga Mr. Chikondi Chisenga T10.3 - History of Geology in Africa PDF icon 1479.pdf
1484 Indigenous Knowledge of Exploration Geology: A Malawian Perspective Ms. Tamara Faith Kamanga Mr. Chikondi Chisenga T10.5 - Early man and early Geological ideas PDF icon 1484.pdf
49 Identification of Potential Reservoir Intervals in Oil-shale Formations based on Geochemical Data Ms. Svetlana Mozhegova T21.P4 - Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 49.pdf
554 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Nine Diamond Parcels from the Central African Republic - Is Source Discrimination Possible? Ms. Susan Foulkes T37.3 - Gems: bringing the World together PDF icon 554.pdf
3019 Evaluating aridity using triple oxygen isotopes in tooth enamel Ms. Sophie B. Lehmann T44.11 - Palaeontology and Palaeo-anthropology PDF icon 3019.pdf
3181 Study on the Concentration and Influence Factor of Organo-Chlorine Pesticides in Breast Milk from Three Cities in China Ms. Song Shuling T14.8 - Geological controls on the quantitative risk assessment of contaminants in shallow soils and groundwater (human health and eco-toxicology); the importance of a good conceptual site model prior to remediation PDF icon 3181.pdf
3046 Characterization of the Pre-Salt, Lower Carboniferous Carbonates Reservoirs in F Block, Northern Pre-Caspian Basin of Kazakhstan: preliminary results Ms. Siyang Zhang T18.11a - Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 3046.pdf
1004 Study of the coarse fraction components of deep-sea sediments from the Indian Ocean and its effect on the bulk sediment composition. Ms. Simontini Sensarma T28.11 - Clastic Marine Depositional Systems / Climatic controls on sedimentary systems and processes PDF icon 1004.pdf
716 Thermomagnetic Component Measurement (TCM) : A New Method for Mineral Exploration in Coverage Areas Ms. Shixin Tang T17.7 - New theories and methods in resources exploration PDF icon 716.pdf
4069 Origin of in situ Quartz Silt from quartzite weathering, Shillong Plateau (India) Ms. Shimyaphy R V S T42.15 - Surficial Processes and Landscape Evolution PDF icon 4069.pdf
1456 A re-evaluation of the Kumta Suture in southwest India and its extension into Madagascar Ms. Sheree Armistead T30.7a - Supercontinent Cycles and Global Geodynamics (convened by IGCP 648) PDF icon 1456.pdf
3551 Finding the Optimal Dynamic Anisotropy Resolution for Grade Estimation Improvement at Driefontein Gold Mine, South Africa Ms. Senzeni Mandava T16.8 - Mineral Resources Evaluation, Geostatistics and Mathematical Geoscience PDF icon 3551.pdf
3729 Evolution of the Cape Fold Belt, South Africa: high-precision dating of detrital and metamorphic muscovite from the Palaeozoic Cape Supergroup Ms. Scarlett Blewett T34.3 - African Geochronology PDF icon 3729.pdf
5331 Towards the resolution of dipping contacts in the Capricorn Orogen using AEM Ms. Sasha Banaszczyk T17.13 - Quantitative geoscience data analysis for mineral exploration targeting PDF icon 5331.pdf
1844 A methodology to assess the movement of hydrocarbons in the subsurface and the remediation thereof Ms. Sascha Roopa T5.P3 - Groundwater and Hydrogeology PDF icon 1844.pdf
5320 Geochronology of the Palaeoproterozoic Magondi Belt (Zimbabwe), and the Choma-Kalomo Block (Zambia), with regional implications. Ms. Sarah Glynn T34.P2 - Geochronology PDF icon 5320.pdf
3497 Challenges and Analytic Opportunities Associated with the Concept of Net Carbon Negative Oil Ms. Sarah Forbes T22.8 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain PDF icon 3497.pdf
3929 The role of sulphur during partial melting of the eclogitic cratonic mantle Ms. Sara Burness T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 3929.pdf
4749 Miocene to Pleistocene distribution of Calcareous Nannofossils and their paleoceanographic significance in the Equatorial Pacific, western Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Ms. Santi Dwi Pratiwi T4.P2 - Climate Change Studies PDF icon 4749.pdf
5140 Intergrated static and dynamic stress modeling for investgating tremor source regions in the san andreas fault Ms. Sandra Hardy T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 5140.pdf
5412 Remote estimation of dielectric properties of palaeochannel-fill sediments in Tubas Area, Namibia: implications for surficial uranium exploration Ms. Sanchari Thakur T17.6 - From Ore Deposits to Global Metallogeny: implications for exploration success (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 5412.pdf
2880 Evaluation of satellite remote sensing albedo retrievals over the ablation area of the southwestern Greenland ice sheet Ms. Samiah Moustafa T41.10 - Mineral and energy resources of the Arctic / Advances in Remote Sensing in the Cryosphere for the Polar Regions PDF icon 2880.pdf
1915 Recovery of valuable elements from Platinum Group Metal (PGM) tailings and synthesis of iron-based materials Ms. Sameera Mohamed T23.13 - Precious Metals PGMs & Gold PDF icon 1915.pdf
2411 The importance of understanding geochemical baselines for CCS monitoring Ms. Salvatore Lombardi T22.8 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain
5465 Petrology and petrofabric of the metasediments of the West Daran metamorphic complex Ms. Saeideh Sanieinezhad T38.P4 - Metamorphic Processes PDF icon 5465.pdf
3533 The Sedimentology of the Rooihoogte Formation of the Transvaal Supergroup in the Carletonville area, South Africa. Ms. Sabiyyah Zardad T33.16 - Proterozoic Sedimentary Environments PDF icon 3533.pdf
2405 The development and application of GasPro pCO2 sensors for CCS monitoring Ms. Sabina Bigi T22.8 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain
2407 Carbon Release In Italy Through Volcanic, Tectonic And Other Styles Of Degassing : Implication For Carbon Dioxide Sequestration And Storage. Ms. Sabina Bigi T43.13 - Rock Deformation and Structural Geology
2418 Gas Bearing faults: how do they work? Ms. Sabina Bigi T43.13 - Rock Deformation and Structural Geology
2399 CO2 storage project in Italy: the Sulcis Coal Basin, Italy Ms. Sabina Bigi T22.P3 - Energy in a Carbon Constrained World
65 The roles and responsibilities of geoscientists providing expertise in civil and criminal proceedings – a practical guide to the requirements and avoiding pitfalls Ms. Ruth Allington T12.10 - Ethical Practice In Geoscience PDF icon 65.pdf
5605 Discussion topic 3: Professionalism: how to practice geosciences in an ethical way (Panel discussion) Ms. Ruth Allington T12.5 - Panel discussion - What's the point of Geoethics
5590 Breaching The Boundaries Between Science And Profession – An Imperative For Geoscience In The Service Of Society Ms. Ruth Allington Plenary Session 3 PDF icon 5590.pdf