35th IGC Symposia

35th International Geological Congress Symposia

Paper Numbersort descending Title Presenting Author Session Abstract
1286 Mapping of Au anomalies in drainage sediments by multifractal modeling Mr. Behnam Sadeghi T7.8 - Geoscience Spatial Data Infrastructures PDF icon 1286.pdf
1287 Discrimination and mapping of REEs litho-geochemical anomalies by multi-fractal modeling Mr. Behnam Sadeghi T7.P3 - Geoscience Data and Information Systems PDF icon 1287.pdf
1288 Using Spectral Data in Exploration for Geothermal Resources Dr. Wendy Calvin T9.12 - Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production / Analyzing Geohazards and Risk Using Remotely Sensed Derived Datasets PDF icon 1288.pdf
1289 Up-warp and down-warp characteristic of strike-slip fault zone and its geological significance in the mid-eastern part of the Trim Basion Northwest China Mr. Renhai Pu T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 1289.pdf
1290 Sedimentological constraints on the final time of various terranes amalgamation in the Northern Xinjiang, China Dr. Kai Weng T30.8 - Geodynamic and metallogenic processes in the Tianshan orogen and adjacent areas, Central Asia PDF icon 1290.pdf
1291 New Discoveries in the late Neoproterozoic of Namibia: New Material-New Analysis Dr Patricia Vickers Rich T44.P3 - Palaeontology and Palaeo-anthropology PDF icon 1291.pdf
1292 The Importance of Early Childhood Earth Science Education: Understanding of the Planet That We Live On Is a Fundamental Step Toward Sustainability Dr. Patricia Vickers Rich T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 1292.pdf
1294 Early Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the North Qinling Orogenic Belt in Central China: insights on continental deep subduction and multiphase exhumation Prof. Liang Liu T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 1294.pdf
1295 Subduction records of Paleo-Tethys Ocean of Tibetan Plateau: Evidence from High Pressure Metamorphic Rocks of Hongjishan Area, Midwest of Qiangtang Dr. Rukui Lu T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 1295.pdf
1299 The timing of mantle metasomatism revealed by diffusion profiles in zoned garnet crystals – a nanoSIMS study Dr. Brendan Hanger T38.12 - Microscale is the key: microstructural and microchemical studies of metamorphic processes to unravel compositional and geodynamic evolution of the Earth PDF icon 1299.pdf
1302 Sweet spots prediction and quantitative evaluation of gas-bearing shale based on the optimized log interpretation Prof. Maojin TAN T21.14 - Shale gas basins of the southern hemisphere: stratigraphy, sedimentary environments, climate history, tectonics, and structural evolution PDF icon 1302.pdf
1307 Using Isotopic Techniques to Constrain the Tectonic Evolution of the Basement of Oman Ms. Morgan Blades T34.P2 - Geochronology PDF icon 1307.pdf
1310 Managing geo-environment information in the extractive sector and performance in Nigeria: Some empirical results from the field. Mr. Abbas AbdulRafiu T12.9 - Geoethics and Resouces Needs for Future Generations - 2 PDF icon 1310.pdf
1314 Types and genesis of the BIF-hosted high-grade iron ores in China Dr. Houmin Li T17.5 - New theories and methods in resources exploration PDF icon 1314.pdf
1315 Neoproterozoic magmatism and its tectonic significance in northern Altyn Tagh tectonic belt Mr. XianFeng Zha T30.9 - Geodynamic and metallogenic processes in the Tianshan orogen and adjacent areas, Central Asia PDF icon 1315.pdf
1316 Zambezi continental margin: allocyclic and antecedent controls on sediment transport in the Mozambique Channel Dr. Errol Wiles T40.8 - Deep-water circulation: processes & products PDF icon 1316.pdf
1317 Mineral exploration in regolith-dominated terrains: considerations, challenges and new approaches Dr. Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez T17.3 - Greenfields exploration in regolith-dominated terrains PDF icon 1317.pdf
1318 Regional interpretation of seismic horizons along the east coast of South Africa Mr Sean Davids T20.4 - Petroleum systems of the Atlantic margin of Africa (convened by BP Plc) / Off-shore petroleum systems of eastern Africa (convened by ENI S.p.A.) PDF icon 1318.pdf
1319 Geochemical characteristics and metallogenic significance of igneous rocks from Zhunuo porphyry copper deposit, Tibet Mr. Ying-Chun Pang T18.3 - Ore-forming processes associated with hypabyssal magmatic and related volcanic systems (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 1319.pdf
1320 Cenozoic deformation in coupling regions on both sides of Tian Shan and its constraint on the mineralization of sandstone-type uranium deposits Dr. Zhengle Chen T30.9 - Geodynamic and metallogenic processes in the Tianshan orogen and adjacent areas, Central Asia PDF icon 1320.pdf
1321 Integrated gravity and magnetics as a tool for investigating the Neogene- Quaternary volcanism of East Carpathians Dr. Lucian Besutiu T46.16 - Volcanic landforms and sedimentary processes / Open session PDF icon 1321.pdf
1322 Clay mineralogy in parts of the subsurface of Tapti – Daman block, western offshore basin, India: a lead to reservoir characterisation Dr. Ashish Sarkar T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 1322.pdf
1325 United Nations Framework Classification 2009 Mr. Sean Davids T22.7 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain PDF icon 1325.pdf
1326 Petrological and Metamorphic Evolution Study of the Staurolite-bearing Garnet Amphibolite in the Nyingchi complex of the Lhasa Block Dr. Cong Zhang T31.14 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 1326.pdf
1327 Shearing rate effect on residual strength of slip soils and its influence on the deformation characteristics of landslides Dr. Lunan WANG T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 1327.pdf
1328 The multi-stage tectonic evolution of the Xitieshan terrane, North Qaidam orogen, western China: from Grenville-age orogeny to early-Paleozoic ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism Dr. Cong Zhang T31.P5 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 1328.pdf
1329 Metallogenic Subtypes of Sandstone Type Uranium Deposits and Prospecting Direction in Junggar Basin, China Prof. M.K Qin T18.7a - Sediment-hosted ore deposits PDF icon 1329.pdf
1330 Early-Paleozoic structural features and tectonic evolution of the eastern part of the northern boundary of the Proto-Tethys Ocean Dr. Shujuan Zhao T30.11 - Reconstruction of East Asian Blocks in Pangea PDF icon 1330.pdf
1331 Crustal structure and evolution of the Kenya-Tanzania shear margin Dr. Jean-Claude Ringenbach T29.1 - Rift basins and rifted margins: architecture and evolution
1336 Northern Continental Margin of the Gondwanaland in Early Paleozoic: insights from restoration of two orocline orogens in the Proto-Tethyan Tectonic Domain Dr. Sanzhong Li T30.11 - Reconstruction of East Asian Blocks in Pangea PDF icon 1336.pdf
1337 Formation and evolution of the Jurassic prototype Basin in Qaidam block and adjacent areas Prof. FENG Qiao T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 1337.pdf
1341 Surface Roughness and Micromorphology of Carbonates Dissolved in Three Different Acids by Multifractal Analysis Mr. Mohai Zhang T16.9 - Statistical analysis of compositional data. Theory and applications to Earth Sciences PDF icon 1341.pdf
1343 Applications of scanning electron microscopy in Mineral Nanomaterials Dr. Li Chen T45.8 - Instrumental, experimental and laboratory-based developments in the Geosciences PDF icon 1343.pdf
1345 Unconventional potential of the Lower Paleozoic strata in the Lublin-Podlasie Basin (eastern Poland) Dr. Pawel Kosakowski T21.P4 - Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 1345.pdf
1348 Porosity well logging prediction for tight oil reservoirs with variable matrix parameter in Zahaquan area, Qaidam Basin Prof. ZHANG Xiaoli T21.P5 - Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 1348.pdf
1351 The Jurassic strata in the Polish Lowlands (central Poland) - future of unconventional sources? Dr. Pawel Kosakowski T20.P2 - Petroleum Systems and Exploration PDF icon 1351.pdf
1352 Late Cretaceous ostracod fauna from the Shenjiatun section (Songliao Basin, Northeast China) and its biostratigraphic, palaeoenvironmental implications Dr. Yaqiong Wang T44.3 - IGCP 632 Continental Crises of the Jurassic: Major extinction events and environmental changes PDF icon 1352.pdf
1359 Establishing Australia’s first Body Farm - The Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research (AFTER) Prof. Shari Forbes T6.1 - Forensic Soil Science and Geology PDF icon 1359.pdf
1362 Orogenic gold in greenstone belts in North-Eastern Fennoscandia Dr. Arkadiy Kalinin T27.P5 - Gold Mineralizing Systems (jointly sponsored by SEG and SGA) PDF icon 1362.pdf
1363 Mesozoic metamorphism and its tectonic implication along the Solonker suture zone in central Inner Mongolia, China Mr. Jinrui Zhang T38.2 - Tectono-thermal evolution of Gondwana: suturing of a supercontinent PDF icon 1363.pdf
1365 Nano- to micron-particulate gold hosted by magnetite from the Beiya gold deposit, SW China Dr. Haoyang Zhou T18.3 - Ore-forming processes associated with hypabyssal magmatic and related volcanic systems (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 1365.pdf
1369 Past and present climate controlling the formation of Zn-(Pb) supergene Nonsulfide ores Prof. Maria Boni T17.3 - Greenfields exploration in regolith-dominated terrains PDF icon 1369.pdf
1370 Petrology and geochemistry characteristics of mudstone interlayer within the paleo-CO2 reservoirs, in the Southern Songliao Basin, China Prof. Li Liu Doctoral student Xiaoran Ming lecturer Na Liu Doctoral student Lei Yu Graduate student Hanggai Bai Senior Engineer Chunyan Hu T22.P3 - Energy in a Carbon Constrained World PDF icon 1370.pdf
1372 Metallogenic and geodynamic evolution of the Lesser Caucasus Mr. Robert Moritz T18.15a - Crustal Evolution, Geodynamics and Mineral Systems PDF icon 1372.pdf
1373 The Tectonic Setting and Evolution of the Longmen Shan in Later Triassic, the Eastern margin of Tibet Plateau, SW China Mr. Bin Chen T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 1373.pdf
1374 Investigation of Uranium Migration on Gold Tailings Dams Using Natural Gamma Spectrometry Mr. Jaco Koch T14.P2 - Environmental Geosciences PDF icon 1374.pdf
1377 Effects of topographic and geological features on building damage caused by 2015.4.25 Mw7.8 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal Prof. Fawu Wang T8.3 - Geohazards and societal benefits: coping with reality PDF icon 1377.pdf
1379 Numerical Modelling of Subduction Zones: a New Beginning Ms. Eleonora Ficini T31.P4 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 1379.pdf
1380 Drilling of a 15 km super-deep well – a new stage in search for large and unique hydrocarbon accumulations in the Precaspian basin Dr. Baltabek Kuandykov T20.10 - New Technology & Techniques in Exploration & Production PDF icon 1380.pdf