Discussion on COVID-19 Impacts to the Geoscience Enterprise: Academic Departments, Faculty, Students, and Post-docs

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Join us for a discussion about impacts of COVID-19 to geoscience academic departments, faculty, students and post-docs. This will be an open forum where AGI staff and webinar attendees share insights for how COVID-19 impacts are affecting departments, students, faculty, and post-docs. AGI staff will also highlight recent results from the ongoing study on this topic throughout this discussion.

Additional Resources

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Funding for this project is provided by the National Science Foundation (Award #2029570). The results and interpretation of the survey are the views of the American Geosciences Institute and not those of the National Science Foundation.

AGI Launches Study of COVID-19 Impacts on the Geosciences

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is pleased to announce the recent launch of its Geoscience COVID-19 study, a year-long study to capture the nature and extent of impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the geoscience workforce and academic programs. This study aims to understand how geoscience employers and educational institutions are changing their workplace and instructional environments and to discover which of these changes will become permanent.


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