Center for Geoscience & Society: Information Resource Development

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Geoscience information made accessible through the Internet and published documents. This geoscience information is available to help decision makers, educators and the public across all sectors of society.


Sector Reviews will outline ways that geoscience supports work in many, diverse parts of society. Each sector review will address one sector, such as medicine, retail, telecommunications, and others. These will be made available online at the Center for Geoscience and Society website.

Education Reports focusing on geoscience education at the K-12 level are being updated and expanded on an ongoing basis. The most recent addition is the collection of data on Initial Teacher Preparation programs and the extent to which geoscience coursework is part of the program.

The Education GeoSource database aggregates geoscience education resources from a variety of providers. The goal is to provide visitors with the widest possible collection of curricula, classroom activities, teacher professional development opportunities, science education standards, virtual field trips, teaching ancillaries and much more.

The Critical Issues program links the geosciences with decision makers at all levels, with particular emphasis on decision makers at the state and local levels. Decision makers throughout the country have immense influence and many of their issues, including topics such as state water and environmental regulations and local zoning and planning choices, involve the geosciences. Our goal is to raise awareness of the geosciences in this audience and to make it easier for geoscientists and decision makers to share information on critical issues.