EarthComm Earth System Evolution: Changing Life and Your Community, Activity 5

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Earthsystem Evolution book
It's About Time/AGI

This investigation will help you to:

Biodiversity and Climate Change

  • Biodiversity, Biodiversity and Climate Change Programme-United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre
    Shifts in distribution of plants and animals, barriers to movement, changing patterns of precipitation and evaporation, and other topics are explored at this site. It also provides a list of sensitive ecosystems ordered by biome, ecosystem, or landscape type, key climatic variables, and implications for biodiversity.
  • Global Impact Of Climate Change On Biodiversity, ScienceDaily
    This article sites a specific research study at the University of York that explores moth communities on Mount Kinabalu in Borneo that moved uphill over 42 years to cope with changes in climate.

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