Climate and Weather: ERRATA

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Notes on the 2001 Edition

Investigation 1: Observing Weather

Teacher's Edition, Page 29
First paragraph, the energy associated with the motions of particles is called internal energy and therefore, the word"heat" should be replaced with "internal energy."

Investigation 2: Comparing Weather Reports


Investigation 3: Weather Maps

Student Edition, Page 35
The second picture shows cross-sections of cold front on the left and warm front on the right but the caption says “cross-sections through warm and cold fronts” Caption should say "cross-sections through cold and warm fronts".

Investigation 4: Weather Radiosondes, Satellites, and Radar


Investigation 5: The Causes of Weather

Teacher's Edition, Page 182, Clouds
Second sentence, remove "(i.e., its heat energy)" from end of the sentence.

Investigation 6: Climates


Investigation 7: Exploring Climate Change


Investigation 8: Climate Change Today


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