Climate and Weather: Further Research

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Web sites:


  • Science News
    Excellent source of articles describing the most recent and interesting events in scientific reserach.
  • Earth, AGI
    Published by the American Geosciences Institute, this magazine reviews current issues in the Earth Sciences and can serve as a valuable supplemental resource for teachers and students alike. Visit the web site for online articles and information about obtaining a one-year subscription (40% discount for AGI Member Society members; 65% discount for students).
  • National Geographic
    Excellent source of articles. Often includes helpful maps.
  • BAMS, Bulletin of the American Meterological Society
    Browse the current issue of BAMS. Allows you to do an online search of the articles in the journals.


  • Tom Murphree and Mary K. Miller with the Exploratorium. Watching Weather: A Low Pressure Book About High Pressure Systems and Other Weather Phenomena, Owl Books, 1998, 154 pages, 5 1/4” x 8 1/4”, paperback
  • J. Burton and K. Taylor, The Nature and Science of Rain (1997); J.Williams, The Weather Book (2d ed. 1997).
  • Great Books about Weather and Meteorology,


  • Weather, PBS Teacher Source, Science and Technology
    A list of weather related videos and their companion websites. Suitable for middle school students.
  • What's up with the Weather?, NOVA
    Informative site about global warming. to order the video, click on tapes and transcripts.
  • Cyclone! Video, National Geographic
    Witness some of the world's most shocking storms.  $12.95
  • Storm of the Century Video, National Geographic
    The biggest storm of the 20th century and its deadly impact.  $9.99


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