Investigation 1: The Properties of Fossils

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To learn more about fossils, visit the following web sites:

The Nature of Fossils, Palomar College
This brief and concise introduction to fossils addresses what fossils are, aspects of the reliability of the fossil record, and what fossils reveal about earlier life.

Fossils, Mineral Resources New South Wales
Learn about fossil formation, kinds of fossils, classifying fossils and more

Voyages through Time, Seti
This is an integrated curriculum for middle and high school based on the theme of Evolution and delivered on CD-ROM. Through a variety of lab- and computer-based research activities complemented by scientific reference databases, image libraries and videos, this curriculum takes student on a journey from the origin of the universe, planets and life, and the evolution of technology.

Fossils, University of London
An introduction to fossils.

To learn more about decomposition, visit the following web sites:

Amber Fossils, University of California Museum of Paleontology
Learn more about how amber is formed and the role of decomposition in the process of the formation of fossils.

To learn more about fossilization, visit the following web sites:

Fossilization and Preservation, University of Arizona
This online lab manual provides background information for an on-line laboratory. Information on fossil preservation, fossil type, skeletal mineralogies, and modes of preservation are offered here.

Trace Fossils, The Paleontology Portal
Click on this link to access a general overview of trace fossils and their importance.

To learn more about locating fossil specimens, visit the following web sites:

There are a number of online catalogs that sell fossil kits.

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