Investigation 3: Conditions for Fossil Formation

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To learn more about the likelihood of fossilization, visit the following web sites:

Maine Fossils: Remains of Life from Another Time and Place, Maine Geologic Survey
Scroll down to the "Where Fossils are Found" section to learn more about where fossils are generally located and how this relates tot eh biased nature of the fossil record.

To learn more about depositional environments, visit the following web sites:

Photos of Depositional Environments,
University of Oregon
See pictures of the different depositional environments and read about the type of sedimentary rocks formed in these different environments.

To learn more about the Burgess Shale, visit the following web sites:

The Burgess Shale, The Yoho-Burgess Shale Foundation
Provides links to many topics of interest regarding the Burgess Shale.

The Burgess Shale, University of California Berkeley
Learn about the Cambrian World, the fossils in the shale, and the discovery of the shale.

To learn more about topographic maps of your area, visit the following web sites:

How to Find A Map

IES Fossils Cover
AGI/It's About TIme
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