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Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms: Modern, Quaternary and Ancient
The Geological Society of London (GSL) published a new memoir, the "Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms: Modern, Quaternary and Ancient." The hardcover book is available from the GSL website. Click see more to see the description. The ISBN is: 9781786202680 and the book is available online
New geophysical techniques (multibeam echo sounding and 3D seismics) have revolutionized high-resolution imaging of the modern seafloor and palaeo-shelf surfaces in Arctic and Antarctic waters, generating vast quantities of data and novel insights into sedimentary architecture and past environmental conditions. The Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms is a comprehensive and timely summary of the current state of knowledge of these high-latitude glacier-influenced systems.
The Atlas presents over 180 contributions describing, illustrating and discussing the full variability of landforms found on the high-latitude glacier-influenced seafloor, from fjords and continental shelves to the continental slope, rise and deep-sea basins beyond. The distribution and geometry of these submarine landforms provide key information on past ice-sheet extent and the direction and nature of ice flow and dynamics. The papers discuss individual seafloor landforms, landform assemblages and entire landsystems from relatively mild to extreme glacimarine climatic settings and on timescales from the modern margins of tidewater glaciers, through Quaternary examples to ancient glaciations in the Late Ordovician.