Geo Societies Respond to US Exit from #ParisAgreement

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Annual global temperature differences from the long-term average from 1880 - 2016. Each bar shows that year's temperature difference or anomaly. Image credit: NOAA National Centers for Environmental information
Multiple geoscience organizations in the American Geosciences Institute Federation publicly responded to President Donald Trump's decision to end the United States' participation in the Paris Climate Agreement. The American Association of Geographers responded with a short statement that reaffirms scientific consensus, but also notes anticipated global health impacts. The Geological Society of America published a short release reaffirming their position statement, initially adopted in 2006, and also noted that climate change is a global issue and that the Paris Agreement was a framework that allowed nations worldwide to address the same problem. American Geophysical Union (AGU) CEO Chris McEntee shared an article published to Eos, and a media statement where she reaffirms the connection between humans and climate change, the role AGU Past-President Margaret Leinen played in the Paris Climate Agreement and some of the economic impacts of climate-related disasters.
AGI affirms the scientific consensus on climate change. What is the evidence that our present-day climate is changing?