35th IGC Sessions

35th International Geological Congress Sessions

Paper Number Titlesort ascending Presenting Author Session Abstract
5503 The potential use of aeolian sands in roads in Limpopo Prof. Philip Paige-Green T15.7 - Aggregates and construction materials (sponsored by IAEG C-14) PDF icon 5503.pdf
4600 The potential of geological surveys in geoconservation Dr. Enrique Díaz-Martínez T3.8 - Geoscience for environmental management PDF icon 4600.pdf
1415 The post-tectonic granites of the Gavião Block: the example of Salininha Monzogranite, Bahia, Brazil. Mr. Rafael Gordilho-Barbosa T36.P1 - Magmatism - Settings, Compositions and Processes PDF icon 1415.pdf
1096 THE PLAINS CO2 REDUCTION PARTNERSHIP: DEVOLOPING TECHNOLOGIES FOR CCS DEPLOYMENT IN CENTRAL NORTH AMERICA Mr. Edward Steadman T22.7 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain PDF icon 1096.pdf
3496 The Pilot Site Ketzin, Germany – Lessons Learnt on CO2 Storage Dr. Mario Wipki T22.7 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain PDF icon 3496.pdf
787 The petrological and geochronological studies on the eclogite and its country rock schists in the Sumdo area, Tibet, China Dr. Cong Zhang T38.17 - HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts PDF icon 787.pdf
2874 The Petroleum System of the Walvis and Orange Basins, Namibia Dr. Marcio Rocha Mello T20.5 - T20.4 - Petroleum systems of the Atlantic margin of Africa (convened by BP Plc) / Off-shore petroleum systems of eastern Africa (convened by ENI S.p.A.) PDF icon 2874.pdf
4913 The Petroleum System of the South Lokichar Basin, Kenya (EARS) Mr. Gion Kuper T20.1 - Petroleum systems of the On-shore basins of Africa (convened by Tullow Oil Ltd) PDF icon 4913.pdf
1679 The Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Atlantic Margin Basins of Namibia Mr. Matthew Taylor T20.5 - T20.4 - Petroleum systems of the Atlantic margin of Africa (convened by BP Plc) / Off-shore petroleum systems of eastern Africa (convened by ENI S.p.A.) PDF icon 1679.pdf
5559 The Permo-Triassic sedimentological record in the Pai-Khoi area, Arctic Russia: a framework for a better understanding of the evolution and timing of deformation in the Pai-Khoi fold-and-thrust belt Dr. Gloria Heilbronn T29.P2 - Basin Formation and Continental Margins
942 The Permian-Triassic succession in the southern Sydney Basin, southeastern Australia: a unique and complete stratigraphic record of global changes during the Palaeozoic-Mesozoic transition Prof. Guang R. Shi T47.5 - Permian global events and correlations PDF icon 942.pdf
2638 The Parasitic Zircon of Mafic Dikes in the Xidaming Mountain of Guangxi Province of China and its Significance Changhao Xiao T18.P2 - Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 2638.pdf
4248 The paradox of “clam shrimp” paleoecology Dr. Paul Olsen T44.P2 - Palaeontology and Palaeo-anthropology
1714 The Paleo-Tethys ophiolite in the Qiangtang Block, north Tibet, China Dr. Qing Guo Zhai T30.2b - Ophiolite Record of Oceanic Lithosphere Formation Through Time PDF icon 1714.pdf
4544 The palaeobiology of Ediacaran rangeomorphs: reproduction, environmental sensitivity and ecological succession Ms. Charlotte Kenchington T44.7 - The Dawn of Animals: Cryogenian to Cambrian PDF icon 4544.pdf
4663 The oxygen isotope study of zircon grains from Catanda extrusive carbonatite (Angola). Prof. Stanislaw Wolkowicz T35.6 - Isotope Geoscience PDF icon 4663.pdf
3923 The oxidation state of the sub-arc lithospheric mantle: New data and models Dr. Alan Woodland T31.P4 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 3923.pdf
5524 The outstanding exploration successes of Rovuma Basin after 60 Years of disappointing results in East African Coastal Basin. Marco Orsi T20.4 - Petroleum systems of the Atlantic margin of Africa (convened by BP Plc) / Off-shore petroleum systems of eastern Africa (convened by ENI S.p.A.) PDF icon 5524.pdf
5182 The origin of the rock of stonewalls in the Hitsujisaru and Tatsumi tower traces of the Yamagata Castle Prof. Yukiko Ohtomo T15.P3 - Engineering Geology and Geomechanics PDF icon 5182.pdf
4390 The origin of granular chert in the BARB3 drill core from the 3.4 Ga Buck Reef Chert, Onverwacht Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa Ms. Mmasetena Anna Molekwa T32.16 - The Barberton drilling project / Early Earth Mineral Systems PDF icon 4390.pdf
5250 The Origin and Formation of the Albitite Marker, Otjikoto Gold Mine, Central Namibia Mr. Lisias Negonga T26.P4 - Resourcing Future Generations PDF icon 5250.pdf
780 The ore body model and reserves estimation of the Tiegelongnan deposit ,northern Tibet Dr. Yong Song T16.8 - Mineral Resources Evaluation, Geostatistics and Mathematical Geoscience PDF icon 780.pdf
4314 The Ore Body Dictates Extending the Economic Life of Witwatersrand Ore Bodies Mr. Jaco Boshoff T18.15 - The Wiwatersrand Goldfields PDF icon 4314.pdf
4745 The Ordovician of the west Sørkapp Land (Southern Spitsbergen) Dr. Tatiana Tolmacheva T47.16 - Phanerozoic Earth History, Stratigraphy and the Geologic Time Scale / Cretaceous time scale and sea-level changes, and Cretaceous Asia-Pacific Ecosystems (IGCP 609, IGCP 608, ICDP Songliao basin) -- Part 1 / Anthropocene: Utility and Definition PDF icon 4745.pdf
5211 The Orange and Riet River alluvial diamond deposits in the vicinity of Douglas, Northern Cape Province: geology, evaluation, and exploitation of unique South African large diamond producing deposits Mr Lyndon De Meillon T17.2 - Mineral deposit footprints PDF icon 5211.pdf
541 The Okiep copper mines – the most historic mining district in South Africa Proffessor Bruce Cairncross T10.4 - History of mineral and water resources PDF icon 541.pdf
1732 The occurrence of excess 40Ar in amphibole: implication of 40Ar/39Ar dating by laser stepwise heating and in vacuo crushing Dr. Rong-Guo Hu T38.P5 - Metamorphic Processes PDF icon 1732.pdf
2667 The occurrence of ammoniosulphate minerals in abandoned gold mines of the Vredefort Dome World Heritage site, South Africa Ms. Danél Van Tonder T14.3 - Environmental Aspects in the Mining Industry PDF icon 2667.pdf
4706 The Nsenga Tephra eruption of the Ngozi caldera, SW Tanzania Mr. Gert-Jan Peeters T46.15 - Volcanism in Africa PDF icon 4706.pdf
4203 The Nothal Jurassic record as preserved in sequences of Zealandia Dr. Hamish Campbell T44.1 - IGCP 632 Continental Crises of the Jurassic: Major extinction events and environmental changes PDF icon 4203.pdf
910 The Noearchean Granulite Facies Metamorphism in the East Hebei, North China Craton Prof. Chunjing Wei T38.4 - Metamorphic processes in early Earth evolution PDF icon 910.pdf
3385 The new tectonic map of South America (2016) at the 1:5 000 000 scale Professor Umberto Cordani T7.3 - CGMW: International Geoscience Maps in the 21st Century PDF icon 3385.pdf
3664 The New Minerogenic Map of Tanzania – An Integral Part of the Geological and Mineral Information System of the Geological Survey of Tanzania Dr. Andreas Barth T3.3 - Geological mapping of Africa – a key for sustainable use of earth resources PDF icon 3664.pdf
3743 The New Geological Map of Spain and Portugal at 1:1 000 000 scale. History, contents and development Dr. Alejandro Robador T7.4 - CGMW: International Geoscience Maps in the 21st Century PDF icon 3743.pdf
2446 The new early Mars: implications for geodynamics, geology and climate Dr. David Baratoux T48.1 - Planetary Geoscience PDF icon 2446.pdf
530 The Naumann elephant Dr. Michiko Yajima T10.2 - General contributuions on the history of geology PDF icon 530.pdf
5136 The nature and articulation of ethical codes on tailings management in South Africa Mr. Tobius Poswa T12.9 - Geoethics and Resouces Needs for Future Generations - 2 PDF icon 5136.pdf
2397 The natural CO2 leaking laboratory offshore Panarea Island, Italy Mr. Salvatore Lombardi T22.8 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain
614 The M´Fema and SM Carbonatites, Mozambique Mr. Fabio Masotti T25.P2 - Critical metals - a global perspective PDF icon 614.pdf
4351 The Mw 6.7, 2016, Imphal earthquake and its implications on the seismic hazard along the Indo-Burmese plate Ms. Revathy Parameswaran T30.3 - Geology and Tectonics Of the Himalayan Orogenic Belt PDF icon 4351.pdf
5079 The Muruntau gold deposit (Uzbekistan) - A unique ancient hydrothermal system in the southern Tien Shan Prof. Reimar Seltmann T27.15 - Geology of Gold Deposits (sponsored by SGA and SEG) / Geochemistry of Lode Gold Deposits (sponsored by SGA and SEG) PDF icon 5079.pdf
1328 The multi-stage tectonic evolution of the Xitieshan terrane, North Qaidam orogen, western China: from Grenville-age orogeny to early-Paleozoic ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism Dr. Cong Zhang T31.P5 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 1328.pdf
2355 The Mucanha Vuzi coal deposit, Mozambique Mr. Fabio Masotti T19.P2 - Coal PDF icon 2355.pdf
3129 The Mpumalanga Coal Coalfields: Quality, Quantity variations and Environmental Issues through time and space Mr. Papi Kekana T19.1 - Coal PDF icon 3129.pdf
759 The Mozambique Ridge: a product of long lasting magmatic activity Dr. Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben T40.12 - Marine Geosciences and Oceanography PDF icon 759.pdf
1955 The mountains of South Norway and East Greenland reached their present elevation long after Atlantic break-up Dr. Peter Japsen T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 1955.pdf
5101 The monitoring of land subsidence and groundwater level in the southeast Kanto groundwater basin, Japan Mr. Atsushi Kagawa T14.P2 - Environmental Geosciences PDF icon 5101.pdf
616 The Monapo Alkaline-Carbonatite Complex, Mozambique Mr. Fabio Masotti T25.P2 - Critical metals - a global perspective PDF icon 616.pdf
5252 The molybdenum isotope composition of modern and ancient stromatolites Ms. Marie Thoby T39.P3 - Evolution of the Biosphere and Biogeoscience PDF icon 5252.pdf
2491 The mistaken drive to define the 'Anthropocene' as an officially recognized unit of the Geologic Time Scale Dr. Stanley Finney T47.1 - Anthropocene: Utility and Definition PDF icon 2491.pdf