35th IGC Symposia

35th International Geological Congress Symposia

Paper Number Titlesort descending Presenting Author Session Abstract
2648 Engineering properties of Chinese loess discharged from the Yellow River into the sea Mr. Xiaolei Liu T15.12 - Soil and rock mechanics PDF icon 2648.pdf
4358 Enigmatic Paleopositions of South China in the Rodinian and Gondwanan Reconstructions: New paleomagnetic constraints Prof. Zhenyu Yang T30.14 - Reconstruction of East Asian Blocks in Pangea PDF icon 4358.pdf
1894 Enrichment Mechanism of Source and Seal Coupling Shale Gas of Upper Ordovician Wufeng Formation - Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in Sichuan Basin Prof. Zhi Jun Jin T21.16 - Shale gas basins and their resource assessment: global perspectives and challenges / Tight oil and gas reservoirs: recent developments and future challenges / Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 1894.pdf
3553 Environmental and Climate Variation during the Last Glacial Cycle and its sequence stratigraphic reflection at the South China Sea's Northern Margin Prof. Jan Harff T40.2 - Stratigraphic and morphologic signatures of continental shelves PDF icon 3553.pdf
2717 Environmental drivers and benthic controls of organic carbon storage in sediments of northern fjords - a latitudinal study (60–80°N) Dr. Maria Wlodarska-Kowalczuk T28.P3 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 2717.pdf
3185 Environmental Impact Assessment of Drilling Waste Dr. Javad Tabatabaei T30.15a - Geo-hazards and Sustainable Development under climate change scenario PDF icon 3185.pdf
1209 Environmental impact of Agriculture activities in a Chambal project command area of MadhyaPradesh, India Prof. Laxmi Prasad Chourasia T14.11 - Geoscience for environmental management PDF icon 1209.pdf
3769 Environmental Impacts of Pt, Cr and V Mining in the S.W Limb of the Bushveld Complex Dr. Fred, N. Mphephu T18.12 - Major Mineral Deposits of Africa (sponsored by Vale) PDF icon 3769.pdf
3485 Environmental magnetic studies of soil profiles from tropical Southern India: A window to pedogenic processes and sediment-source linkage Dr. Rajasekhariah Shankar T6.4 - Soil Science PDF icon 3485.pdf
3487 Environmental Management of Mines Mr. Berndt Pettersson T3.2 - Launch of PanAfGeo PDF icon 3487.pdf
5055 Environmental Monitoring of Mines in Namibia by the Geological Survey of Namibia, Division of Engineering and Environmental Geology. Moses Alfeus T14.P2 - Environmental Geosciences PDF icon 5055.pdf
4080 Environmental Monitoring Programme – Northern Mozambique and South Malawi Mr. Simplicio Chivambo T14.1 - Environmental Management of Water Resources PDF icon 4080.pdf
654 Environmental significance of bulk geochemistry and metal anomalies within Hirnantian rocks of the Valongo Anticline, northern Portugal Prof. Jasper Knight T18.7a - Sediment-hosted ore deposits PDF icon 654.pdf
867 Environmental stability of the processing waste from sulfide mining districts of Namibia Prof. Ales Vanek T14.P2 - Environmental Geosciences PDF icon 867.pdf
806 Environmental sustainability through waste minimization: case study of a successful program at a U.S. university Dr. Syed Hasan T14.11 - Geoscience for environmental management PDF icon 806.pdf
744 Eopriapulites sphinx from the Early Cambrian of South China Prof. Yunhuan Liu T44.P3 - Palaeontology and Palaeo-anthropology PDF icon 744.pdf
4888 ePalaeotopography as an important factor for the development of continental glaciations: Ediacaran and Famennian cases Dr. Mariusz Paszkowski T28.P3 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 4888.pdf
515 Episodic burial and exhumation of the southern margin of Africa before and after breakup Dr. Paul Green T30.15 - Dynamic Africa: integrating constraints on the post-Gondwana topographic evolution of Africa and adjacent continents from the core mantle boundary PDF icon 515.pdf
4466 Epithermal gold and porphyry copper mineralization in the Zamboanga Mineral District, Mindanao, Philippines Dr. Jillian Aira Gabo-Ratio T18.P1 - Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 4466.pdf
2637 Epithermal gold in Iceland Ms Bryndis Robertsdottir T41.9 - Mineral and energy resources of the Arctic PDF icon 2637.pdf
4132 Erg Chebbi, SE Morocco: Morphometry, granulometry, and groundwater recharge Prof. Olaf Bubenzer T42.P4 - Surficial Processes and Landscape Evolution PDF icon 4132.pdf
1429 Erosion and Deposition in the Alluvial Plain of the Mogi Guaçu River, Brazil Dr. Sueli Pereira T14.P3 - Environmental Geosciences PDF icon 1429.pdf
36 Eruption of Mount Sinabung, North Sumatera, Indonesia, and SMS gateway for disaster early warning system Prof. Sari Bahagiarti Kusumayudha T8.9 - Subaerial and submarine landslide processes and hazards PDF icon 36.pdf
1359 Establishing Australia’s first Body Farm - The Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research (AFTER) Prof. Shari Forbes T6.1 - Forensic Soil Science and Geology PDF icon 1359.pdf
912 Estimating Groundwater Availability at Catchment Scale using Streamflow Recession and Instream Flow Requirements of Rivers in South Africa Dr. Girma Yimer Ebrahim T5.4 - Integrated geo-hydrological approaches to secure groundwater resources PDF icon 912.pdf
3268 Estimation of Co-seismic gravity change for the earthquake in Koyna-Warna region Mr. Roshan Kumar Singh T31.P4 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 3268.pdf
1796 Estimation of Coal Reserves: Comparison of the Stochastic Local Interaction Model and Ordinary Kriging with an Application to a Coal Deposit in Wyoming, USA Dr. Ricardo Olea T19.4 - Quantitative characterization of coal resources and hazards PDF icon 1796.pdf
2639 Estimation of the gas-hydrate resource volume using 3-D seismic and well-log data in the Ulleung Basin, East Sea Dr. Bo-Yeon Yi T21.P5 - Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 2639.pdf
543 Estimation of the REV size of fractured rock masses based on blockiness Dr. Lu Xia T15.11 - Slope stability - analysis, investigation and remediation / Soil and rock mechanics PDF icon 543.pdf
3897 Estimation of the seismic risk in major cities of Gangwon province, Korea using shear-wave velocities Prof. Ki Young Kim T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 3897.pdf
4744 Estimation of Volumetric Oil Content in Unsaturated Soils using Thermo-TDR Techniques Mr. Shinsuke Aoki T6.P1 - Soil Science PDF icon 4744.pdf
2335 Estimation of well efficiency after well treatment: case history in S. Korea Dr. Sung-Ho Song T5.P3 - Groundwater and Hydrogeology PDF icon 2335.pdf
4264 Estremoz Marble: A nomination for ‘Global Heritage Stone Resource’ from Portugal Prof. Luís Lopes T15.2 - Dimension stone and building materials (sponsored by IAEG C-10, HSTG and IGCP 637) PDF icon 4264.pdf
2962 ET at high-T: metamorphism of ordinary chondrites Dr. Tim Johnson T38.11 - Challenges in ultrahigh-temperature (UHT) granulite metamorphism and crustal melting PDF icon 2962.pdf
4901 Ethical Dimensions of Transdisciplinary Approaches in Seismic Risk Communication Professor I. S. Stewart T12.3 - Geoethics - Teaching, Training and Communication PDF icon 4901.pdf
3224 Ethical Requirements for Applied Earth System Science and Engineering Dr Martin Bohle T12.1 - Geoethics - General Aspects PDF icon 3224.pdf
1991 EU Critical Raw Materials in the Czech Republic - Competence Centre for Effective and Ecological Mining of Mineral Resources (CEEMIR) Dr. Petr Rambousek T25.P2 - Critical metals - a global perspective PDF icon 1991.pdf
3876 EurGeol as Competent Person Dr. Isabel Manuela Fernandez Fuentes T12.6 - Professional Competencies PDF icon 3876.pdf
4825 Europe and Japan: Common challenges and threats on the supply of mineral raw materials Dr Kip Jeffrey T26.2 - Understanding the Mineral Life Cycle PDF icon 4825.pdf
1536 European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) in the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) : new opportunities in scientific drilling Dr. Gilbert CAMOIN T40.5 - IODP PDF icon 1536.pdf
3019 Evaluating aridity using triple oxygen isotopes in tooth enamel Ms. Sophie B. Lehmann T44.11 - Palaeontology and Palaeo-anthropology PDF icon 3019.pdf
3225 Evaluating Uranium as a Tool to Infer Cryogenian Marine Oxygenation Ms. Claire Miles T44.P2 - Palaeontology and Palaeo-anthropology PDF icon 3225.pdf
2630 Evaluation of automated lithology classification architectures using highly-sampled wireline logs for coal exploration Mr. Tom Horrocks T19.P2 - Coal PDF icon 2630.pdf
128 Evaluation of CO2 storage potential on the Norwegian Continental Shelf Mrs. Eva Halland T22.7 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain
1019 Evaluation of Fresh Groundwater Resources for Public Water Supply in Emergencies (Case Studies from Lithuania and Russia) Dr. Jonas Satkunas T14.11 - Geoscience for environmental management PDF icon 1019.pdf
4427 Evaluation of Impact of Geomorphic Controls on the Groundwater Quality of Udupi District, Southwest Coast of India MS SRUTHI B T5.6 - Hydro-geochemistry and contamination of groundwater [A YES NETWORK INITIATIVE] PDF icon 4427.pdf
317 Evaluation of palaeoclimatic variability during Deccan Volcanic Episode: Perceptions from the intrabasaltic palaeosols (bole beds) occurring around Koynanagar area of Maharashtra (India). Dr. Mohammed Rafi Sayyed T4.4 - Palaeosols, palaeoweathering profiles and polygenetic soils indicators of climate change PDF icon 317.pdf
2880 Evaluation of satellite remote sensing albedo retrievals over the ablation area of the southwestern Greenland ice sheet Ms. Samiah Moustafa T41.10 - Mineral and energy resources of the Arctic / Advances in Remote Sensing in the Cryosphere for the Polar Regions PDF icon 2880.pdf
2943 Evaluation of seismic hazard at the northeastern part of Algeria Mr. Hamidatou Mouloud T8.P2 - Geohazards PDF icon 2943.pdf
1963 Evaluation of Seismic Reflection in the Kalahari Karoo Basin, Botswana Mr. Onkgopotse Ntibinyane T20.P1 - Petroleum Systems and Exploration PDF icon 1963.pdf