35th IGC Symposia

35th International Geological Congress Symposia

Paper Number Titlesort ascending Presenting Author Session Abstract
131 Well log sequences stratigraphy and potential reservoirs of wells KF-1and KF-2; Kribi oil field, Douala-Kribi-Campo Basin, Cameroon. Mr. Nkwanyang Lionel Takem T20.P2 - Petroleum Systems and Exploration PDF icon 131.pdf
2165 WebGIS-based Geoinformation Sharing System for East and Southeast Asia Dr. Joel Bandibas T7.P4 - Geoscience Data and Information Systems PDF icon 2165.pdf
2060 Weathering rate of ancient limestone inscription in Beixiangtang Temple Grottoes,China Assoc.Prof. Lihui Li T15.14 - Karst problems - identification and remediation PDF icon 2060.pdf
2289 Wavelet analysis of Paleoproterozoic tidal sediments distributed in the Singhbhum Craton, northeast India: Estimation of early Earth’s (2 Ga) rotation velocity Mr. Hiroyuki Miyata T28.P2 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 2289.pdf
6 Watershed Development For Sustainable Food Production and Improved Rural Health In India - The Role of “GROWNET” - UNESCO-IUGS-IGCP Project no. 523) Dr. Shrikant Daji Limaye T13.15 - Geosciences for Benefitting Low-income Countries PDF icon 6.pdf
1040 Water quality of groundwater source in Gacko polje - Croatia Dr. Tamara Markovic T5.P3 - Groundwater and Hydrogeology PDF icon 1040.pdf
1650 Water in the cratonic mantle lithosphere Dr. Anne Peslier T30.8B - The dynamic Earth and its Kimberlite, Cratonic Mantle and Diamond record through time PDF icon 1650.pdf
2806 Water contents on peridotite xenoliths from Southwest China Dr. Rong Wang T31.P5 - The Deep Earth PDF icon 2806.pdf
4988 Vredefort Impact Structure: larger than previously thought? Mr. Daniel Connelly T48.P1 - Planetary Sciences and Meteorite Impacts PDF icon 4988.pdf
5437 Volcaniclastic-epiclastic rocks related to the Paraná continental flood volcanism: the Early Cretaceous Volta Alegre Formation, Jacuí Basin, southern Brazil Prof. Claudio Riccomini T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 5437.pdf
963 Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulphide Deposits in mainland SE Asia: Their Potential and Prospectivity Prof. khin Zaw T18.2 - Ore-forming processes associated with hypabyssal magmatic and related volcanic systems (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 963.pdf
5302 Volcanic source-to-sink: stratigraphy and chronology of lahar deposits in a volcanic fan-delta-lake system, Adatara and Bandai volcanoes, NE Japan Dr. Kyoko Kataoka T46.P5 - Volcanology PDF icon 5302.pdf
2077 Volcanic Rocks and Kindred Sediments of the Ophiolite Belt of Indo-Myanmar Ranges of Northeast India and Implications on the Tectonic Setting of the Continental Margin Basin Dr. Mangi Khuman Chabungbam T30.2b - Ophiolite Record of Oceanic Lithosphere Formation Through Time PDF icon 2077.pdf
3636 Volcanic Disaster Mitigation Measures of G-EVER Volcanic Hazards Assessment Support System and Asia-Pacific Region Earthquake and Volcanic Hazards Information Mapping Project Dr. Shinji Takarada T8.13 - Geohazards: Prevention, risk reduction, early warning and preparedness PDF icon 3636.pdf
247 Volcanic arc turbidites of the Ediacaran Rocha Formation linked to the Brasiliano Orogeny and Kalahari Craton (Cuchilla Dionisio Terrane, Uruguay) Dr. Gonzalo Blanco T30.1b - Mechanisms and timescale of West Gondwana amalgamation PDF icon 247.pdf
3230 Volcanic accumulation modes of the third member of Kongdian Formation in Weibei Sag, Bohaiwan Basin Dr. Yaoting Sun T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 3230.pdf
837 Visualising early life on Earth: Building a 4-Dimensional virtual field trip (VFT) of the 3.5 Ga Dresser Formation, North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia. Ms. Tara Djokic T2.13 - Geoscience Education: technology & training the next generation of geoscientists PDF icon 837.pdf
3560 Visiting the Shaka Ridge - a part of the Bouvet hotspot trail Mr. Harald Brekke T40.10 - Uncovering the great unknown – mapping the Earth’s ocean floor PDF icon 3560.pdf
1715 Viridine, Piemontite and Epidote Group Minerals from Thassos Island, Northern Greece Dr. Ian Graham T37.P2 - Mineralogy PDF icon 1715.pdf
4098 Viktor Moritz Goldschmidt (1888–1947) and Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky (1863–1945): The father and grandfather of geochemistry? Prof. Axel Muller T10.2 - General contributuions on the history of geology PDF icon 4098.pdf
2845 Verifying the Silurian: Murchison's 1845 field campaign in Sweden Dr. John Diemer T10.P3 - History of the Geosciences PDF icon 2845.pdf
3755 Vein networks record pressurization events in the active hydrothermal system of Lipari Island (Italy) Dr. Luigi Cucci T46.P5 - Volcanology PDF icon 3755.pdf
3409 Variscan-style UHPM belts: high pressures at different temperatures, high temperatures at different pressures, and crustal relamination Prof. Patrick O'Brien T38.15 - HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts PDF icon 3409.pdf
4480 Variations of surface and bottom currents in eastern part of the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone during the Late Quaternary Evgenia Dorokhova T40.P2 - Marine Geosciences and Oceanography PDF icon 4480.pdf
4340 Variations in trace elements and Platinum group elements compositions during the past 800,000 years at Dome C EPICA ice cores, Antarctica Dr. Soon Do Hur T41.P5 - Arctic and Antarctic Geoscience PDF icon 4340.pdf
3844 Variations in the morphology of reactivated fault scarps in the UK Dr. Laurance Donnelly T8.6a - Challenges in Identifying and Characterising Seismogenic Faults in Non-Plate Boundary Settings / Geohazards and societal benefits: coping with reality PDF icon 3844.pdf
475 Variations in the abundance of Micro-fauna during the late Pleistocene and Holocene: Andaman Sea Mr. Rajesh Kumar Joshi T40.12 - Marine Geosciences and Oceanography PDF icon 475.pdf
1832 Variations in isochore thickness of the Karoo sediments in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, as deduced from gravity models Mr. Christopher Baiyegunhi T21.P4 - Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 1832.pdf
4391 Variation of coal petrographic composition on either side of the Tshipise fault, Soutpansberg coalfield, South Africa Prof Nicola Wagner T19.1 - Coal PDF icon 4391.pdf
1168 Variation characteristics of tectonic stress tensors on Longmen-Shan fault belts and the new interpretation of the dynamics of Wenchuan earthquake Prof. Furen XIE T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 1168.pdf
4393 Variably deformed and metamorphosed Palaeoproterozoic mafic dykes across the Nagssugtoqidian Foreland, SE Greenland Mr. Riaan Bothma T36.1 - Large Igneous Provinces PDF icon 4393.pdf
538 Variability of Pb-isotopes in the East Indian Gondwana Coal deposits: its influence on Kolkata street dust Dr. Rajeev Kumar T19.6 - Coal PDF icon 538.pdf
3812 Variability in the Late Permian landscape of the upper Balfour Formation (Beaufort Group Strata, Karoo Basin, South Africa). Dr. Johann Neveling T47.2 - Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Palaeontology of the Permian–Triassic Boundary Interval, Karoo Basin, South Africa PDF icon 3812.pdf
3678 Vapours, Volcanoes and Ore Formation Prof. Anthony Williams-Jones T18.1 - Ore-forming processes associated with hypabyssal magmatic and related volcanic systems (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 3678.pdf
5366 Vanadium, Iron, Titanium and Phosphate mineralisation in the Upper Zone of the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex Mr. Troth Saindi T17.2 - Mineral deposit footprints PDF icon 5366.pdf
5198 Value Based Extraction Decisions under Challenging Market Conditions at Mogalakwena Platinum Complex Mrs. Kavita Mohanlal T16.10 - Mining Geostatistics and Operations Research in Mine Planning / Statistical analysis of compositional data. Theory and applications to Earth Sciences PDF icon 5198.pdf
2520 U–Pb zircon ages, field geology and geochemistry of the Kermanshah ophiolite (Iran): From continental rifting at 79 Ma to oceanic core complex at ca. 36 Ma in the southern Neo-Tethys Dr. Songjian Ao Prof. Wenjiao Xiao T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 2520.pdf
5316 U–Pb chronology and geochemistry of detrital monazites from major African rivers Mr. Keita Itano T34.P2 - Geochronology PDF icon 5316.pdf
809 Utility-scale wind energy projects: managing public perception and environmental risk Prof. Michael Slattery T2.11 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 809.pdf
5394 Utilisation of Geology and Geomorphology by Early Hominids and the Indigenous People of Southern Africa Dr. Richard Viljoen T10.5 - Early man and early Geological ideas PDF icon 5394.pdf
3057 Using X-ray Computed tomography (XCT) for the 3D textural analysis of drill core in geometallurgy Dr. Megan Becker T23.14 - Applied Mineralogy and Geometallurgy: Technology PDF icon 3057.pdf
1383 Using thermal imagery to find G-spots Dr. Neil Pendock T9.12 - Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production / Analyzing Geohazards and Risk Using Remotely Sensed Derived Datasets PDF icon 1383.pdf
3459 USING THE ISOTOPIC CONTENT OF FOSSIL REMAINS AS EVIDENCE OF PALEOENVIRONMENTAL CONDITION OF THE LATE JURASSIC WEST GONDWANA. Dr. Paulo Roberto Souto T44.1 - IGCP 632 Continental Crises of the Jurassic: Major extinction events and environmental changes PDF icon 3459.pdf
4971 Using the fluvial-tidal transition zone (FTTZ) in sequence stratigraphic interpretation (Plio-Pleistocene Talparo and Erin Formations, Trinidad) Ms Annalize McLean T47.14 - Stratigraphy, Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Analyses PDF icon 4971.pdf
1288 Using Spectral Data in Exploration for Geothermal Resources Dr. Wendy Calvin T9.12 - Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production / Analyzing Geohazards and Risk Using Remotely Sensed Derived Datasets PDF icon 1288.pdf
5322 Using Simulation to Quantify Uncertainty in Ultimate Pit Limits and Inform Infrastructure Placement Mr. Mhlonipheki Brilliance Mabhena T16.6 - Mineral Resources Evaluation, Geostatistics and Mathematical Geoscience PDF icon 5322.pdf
1616 Using near real-time single frequency GPS network monitor deep seated landslides in active mountain belts Prof. Ching-Weei Lin T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 1616.pdf
576 Using microbial indicators in mineral exploration: Lessons from Australia Dr. Frank Reith T17.7 - New theories and methods in resources exploration PDF icon 576.pdf
1225 Using lake cores and terrestrial tephras as a record of Holocene volcanism in the Central Main Ethiopian Rift Ms. Keri McNamara T46.15 - Volcanism in Africa PDF icon 1225.pdf