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EARTH: Humans, Megafauna Coexisted in Patagonia before Extinction

As we celebrate National Fossil Day, EARTH Magazine brings you a story set in Pleistocene South America, and was home to large megafauna species like giant sloths and saber-toothed cats. At some point as the climate warmed and human settlers began hunting, the megafauna living in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego went extinct.

Celebrate National Fossil Day on October 12, 2016

What's old is new again! Join in celebration of the 7th annual National Fossil Day on Wednesday, October 12, 2016. National Fossil Day is organized by the National Park Service as part of AGI's Earth Science Week to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils, with the goal of inspiring the next generation of paleontologists and fossil enthusiasts.

"America's Geologic Heritage: An Invitation to Leadership" Recognized for Design Excellence

Book cover showing a stream running through a small slot canyon with two hikers in the stream.
The book, "America's Geologic Heritage: An Invitation to Leadership" published by the National Park Service and the American Geosciences Institute has won an award. Book designer, Angela Terry, just won an American Graphic Design Award from the Design Magazine Graphic Design USA. The design of the book underscores the great beauty and irreplaceable value of our geologic heritage.


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