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Pokémon Go, Geocaching and Geoscience

Screenshot of Christine McEntee's tweet announcing an AGU Pokestop

On Monday AGU Executive Director and CEO, Christine McEntee tweeted that AGU Headquarters was a Pokémon Go Hot Spot (PokeStop), and shared an article that listed other science pokestops. Even the National Park Service is onboard with this social phenomenon. Others argue that Pokémon Go is simply glorified geochaching.  GSA has been involved with the geoscience-themed EarthCache since its membership suggested it in 2003, and it even has its own focus-day during Earth Science Week. The fifth International EarthCache Event will be hosted at the GSA Annual Meeting in September. This isn't the first time a game has been utilized to communicate geoscience concepts to the masses, recently professor and Weather Geeks Host, Marshall Shepherd, started exploring if Minecraft could be used to help teach basic weather and climate concepts to the masses. We'll see you at the International EarthCache Event, but don't judge us if we bring some pokeballs too! (7/21/2016 - Updated) 


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