USGS releases new assessment of oil and gas resources in Alaska’s North Slope, following annual lease sale

Drilling rig

On December 22, the USGS released a new assessment of undiscovered oil and gas resources in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A). Just weeks before release of the USGS report, the Bureau of Land Management held its annual oil and gas lease sale for all available tracts in the NPR-A on December 6. The sale lasted less than 10 minutes and received only 7 bids.

Senate takes first step to open ANWR for oil and gas leasing

The Noble John Sandifer jackup rig

On November 8, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources introduced reconciliation legislation, fulfilling instructions in the fiscal year 2018 budget resolution for the committee to provide legislative recommendations to the Senate Committee on the Budget that would result in $1 billion in new revenue over ten years to offset federal tax cuts. 

Interactive atlas of coal mine maps in Kentucky

The Kentucky Mine Mapping Information System is produced by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet to allow users to access maps of coal mines and mined out areas in Kentucky. Users can search by company name, seam name, or state file number (SFN). For each map, overview information is provided where available (map year, mine status, mine owner, mine type, seam thickness, etc.), and users are directed to the map. Users can also overlay information on oil and gas activity on the map.

Interactive map of geothermal wells and springs in Idaho

The Idaho Department of Water Resources provides an interactive map with information on geothermal wells and springs in the state. Wells and springs are split into low-temperature (85 to 212 degrees fahrenheit) and high-temperature (above 212 degrees) groups.

Users can click on individual wells and springs to find more information, including temperature, discharge, and use.

The map also includes information about groundwater vulnerability across the state.


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