Member Society Council

Chair and President

Jon Price

Past Presidents

Paul Weimer

Carolyn Olson

Member Society Council Representatives

Fredrick Rich
AASP-The Palynological Society

Gary Langham
American Association of Geographers

David Curtiss
American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Billy Williams
American Geophysical Union

Sarah Erck
American Institute of Hydrology

Aaron Johnson
American Institute of Professional Geologists

Stella Kafka
American Meteorological Society

AGI Releases Community Consensus Statement Regarding Access and Inclusion of Geoscientists with Disabilities

The American Geosciences Institute's (AGI) is pleased to announce the release of a community consensus statement on access and inclusion of geoscientists with disabilities. This statement was inspired by the 2014 AGI Leadership Forum, which brought together the Executive Directors and Presidents of AGI's Member Societies to discuss the issue of access and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the geosciences.

AGI's Past Leadership

AGI Past Presidents

2017-2018 Eve S. Sprunt
2016-2017 Jean M. Bahr
2015-2016 Scott W. Tinker
2014-2015 Eric M. Riggs
2013-2014 Berry H. (Nick) Tew, Jr.
2012-2013 Sharon Mosher
2011-2012 Wayne D. Pennington
2010-2011 G. Warfield Hobbs IV
2009-2010 Richard M. Powers
2008-2009 Peter A. Scholle
2007-2008 Peter J. McCabe
2006-2007 Gail M. Ashley
2005-2006 Ernest A. Mancini
2004-2005 Stephen M. Testa
2003-2004 Barbara J. Tewksbury
2002-2003 M. Ray Thomasson

AGI Board of Directors

Carolyn Olson, President
David R. Wunsch, President Elect

AGI Past-President Completes Successful Tour for STIEP Speaker Series

Dr. Wayne D. Pennington, AGI Past-President, recently concluded a successful tour for the new Science, Technology and Innovation Expert Partnership (STIEP) speaker series. Part of the U.S. Department of State's Targets of Opportunity Program, the STIEP speaker series promotes science diplomacy abroad by connecting traveling scientists with local embassies and other community networks in the region. Participants have the opportunity to exponentially increase the reach of their research while simultaneously promoting key issues for science diplomacy, including the importance of innovation, the scientific peer review process, and promoting women in STEM fields. Pennington was one of the first speakers to participate in the series.


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