Geoscientist Outreach Initiative

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Does the public understand your work and its relevance?

What is the GO! Initiative?

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) offers a new professional development opportunity for geoscientists and other geoscience professionals interested in connecting with non-technical audiences. The Geoscientist Outreach Initiative (GO! Initiative) provides geoscience professionals with the tools and confidence to create and facilitate meaningful experiences with students in grades K-12 and the general public through hands-on activities that are aligned with curriculum standards and use established educational techniques.

The GO! Initiative makes use of AGI’s extensive experience in curriculum development, designing outreach programs, and working with scientists to create engaging experiences.

Three people looking into a small box. A few wires are exposed from the box. One person is holding a light near the box.Top view of a cup with green and blue play-doh in it. Two straws have punctured the cup, and are showing different distributions of the playd-oh depending on where the sampling was done.

Why GO! Initiative?

Through directly engaging with students and the public, GO! Initiative participants will:

  • Highlight scientists as trustworthy individuals and “real” people

  • Inspire the next generation of geoscientists

  • Increase scientific literacy throughout the public

  • Highlight the relevance of the work they do as a geoscience professional

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A student sitting at a desk holding some paper. An instructor is pointing to the paper, and holding an aerosol can.A black light is being held over a variety of bagged strings. Students observe.


GO! Initiative workshops are available for all types of organizations including professional societies, private companies, non-profit organizations, government institutions, universities, and other research centers. Geoscientists working in any geoscience areas are welcome to participate, including young professionals, established professionals, and college students.

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For more information, or information about scheduling and funding a workshop with your organization, please contact:
Ed Robeck,

AGI would like to thank SLB for providing the support to establish the groundwork to develop the Geoscientist Outreach Initiative.

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