Berry H. (Nick) Tew, Jr. Assumes American Geosciences Institute Presidency for 2013-2014

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is pleased to welcome the 2013-2014 President, Dr. Berry H. (Nick) Tew, Jr. He will be inducted at the Friends of AGI Reception held during the Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado on October 28, 2013.

Dr. Scott Tinker presented AGI award for Outstanding Contributions to the Understanding of Geoscience

Very few people have impacted the public understanding of geoscience as much as Dr. Scott Tinker. His documentary Switch, co-produced with Harry Lynch as part of the Switch Energy Project, has screened at over 350 universities, and reached an estimated 3 million people globally. In 2013, it will be distributed in thousands of Earth Science Week kits to students worldwide. For this, and many other esteemed accomplishments, Tinker has been presented the American Geosciences Institute award for Outstanding Contributions to the Understanding of Geoscience.

Groundbreaking Report Details Status of U.S. Secondary Earth Science Education

The Center for Geoscience Education and Public Understanding at the American Geosciences Institute, has released a landmark report on the status of Earth Science education in U.S. middle and high schools, describing in detail significant gaps between identified priorities and lagging practice. The report, "Earth and Space Sciences Education in U.S. Secondary Schools: Key Indicators and Trends," offers baseline data on indicators of the subject's status since the release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in April 2013. Establishing clear aims for the subject, the NGSS state that the Earth and Space Sciences should have equal status with the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Technology, and Engineering.

Comprehensive Clearinghouse for Earth and Space Science Education Launches with Thousands of Resources

A national center focused on the geosciences launches today as the world's most comprehensive and up-to-date online clearinghouse for Earth and space science information and educational resources, ranging from high school curricula and classroom activities to video collections, career resources, and national research reports. The first such clearinghouse of its scope and type, the Center for Geoscience Education and Public Understanding's searchable web site ( provides the geoscience community, schools, and the general public with an extensive collection of resources and research from reliable science and education organizations.

Dr. Peter Scholle: 2013 Recipient of AGI's Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell for Superlative Services to the Geosciences

The Executive Committee of the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is proud to announce that Dr. Peter Scholle has been awarded the AGI Medal in memory of Ian Campbell honoring his contributions to the geoscientific community.

Errata and Corrections: 2013 Status of Recent Geoscience Graduates Report

Alexandria, VA – Readers are advised to download the newly corrected version of the 2013 Status of Recent Geoscience Graduates report. An error was found in the title and x-axis labels on the figure on page 20. The data in the figure displays geoscience graduates that are seeking, or have accepted, a job position outside of the geosciences. The associated text has been changed now correctly represents the data presented. The corrected report can be downloaded at: or

Advice from Geoscience Professionals

Do you want to explore career options in the geosciences, but don't know where to start?  Are you stuck in the middle of a job search and need some guidance? Check out some of these tips from geoscientists!  The following are some pieces of advice about starting, pursuing, building and transitioning into a geoscience career.  The following provides some basic information of six professionals that we interviewed who wanted to share some of their experiences and advice with students, recent graduates and early-career geoscientists.


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