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Find the #Mining in Society Merit Badge at the Boy Scout Jamboree this Summer

The Boy Scouts of America Mining in Society Merit Badge
For scouts attending this summer's Boy Scout Jamboree, check out the the Society for Mining and Metallurgy Inc. (SME) booth which will feature their Mining in Society Badge! The badge was launched at the 2014 SME Annual Conference and Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been a success ever since.

ASLO & CASS Write Letters in Support of Science Funding #policy

Is it "Earth" or "earth"? Scientists Discuss in GSA Today #LearnedSomethingNewToday

The June 2017 Issue of GSA Today
A fun little discussion is happening in GSA Today (page 35), and that is asking and debating whether or not geoscientists should use "Earth" (capitalized) or "earth." This argument goes as far as breaking down the Old English, and its Norse origins. GSA Today is a publication of the Geological Society of America

AIPG: Geologists and Regulatory Compliance #geoscience

Cover of the April-May-June 2017 issue of TPG

Have you had the opportunity to explore the American Institute of Professional Geologists' current issue of The Professional Geologist? Among the many articles geared at helping professional geologists, and updated society news, this issue included a story about geologists and regulatory compliance.

CMS Executive Committee Changes Ahead of Schedule

Clay Minerals Society Logo
Due to unforeseen circumstances the Clay Minerals Society (CMS) welcomed new faces into their executive committee ahead of schedule at their Annual Meeting earlier this month. Chevron scientist Douglas McCarty became Vice-President, and Lydia Williams became Vice President-Elect, and the Council Nomination Committee approved Andrei Kalinichev to step into Williams' recently vacant role.

Oh the Places You'll Go - At the AIPG National Meeting in Nashville! #geoscience

Ridge in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
From faultines to karst topography, to whiskey and Corvettes, attendees of this year's American Institute of Professional Geologists meeting are bound to explore some exciting locales. In the recently published list of field trips, geoscientists have the opportunity to explore the Tennessee-Kentucky area including the Harpeth River and Stones River Fault Zones, Mammoth Caves, a Native American burial mound, or and underground zinc mine.


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