Oceans: ERRATA

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Notes on the 2001 Edition

Investigation 1: The Properties of Seawater

Page O5, Properties of Seawater
In fourth paragraph, the first sentence should read: "Liquids conduct electricity only if they contain ions." Omit the remainder of the sentence.

Teacher's Edition, Page 32, The Density of Seawater
Under the heading "The Density of Seawater," the sentence "If the weight of a body is less than the weight of water displaced, the body would actually rise upward. Objects rise when the weight of the body is equal to the weight of fluid displaced." The underlined "rise" replaced the word "float."

Teacher's Edition, Page 45, Teaching Tip
Under the heading "Teaching Tip," the sentence "The overall volume of the clay shape (clay plus the air it contains) increases while its mass stays the same." The underlined phrase replaced the word "clay."

Investigation 2: Ocean Waves

Page O14, Waves And Wave Properties
The first sentence should read "A wave is a motion that carries energy from one place to another."

Teacher's Edition, Page 75
After 2. a) For a given medium, the speed of the wave depends on the wavelength and period, but not the amplitude.

Investigation 3: Ocean Currents and Circulation


Investigation 4: Mapping the Ocean Floor


Investigation 5: Changes in the Ocean Floor


Investigation 6: Adaptations to the Ocean

Teacher's Edition, Page 199, Paragraph 3
Incorrect formula for pressure. It should read: p = rgh, whereas p is water pressure, r is the water density, g is the acceleration of gravity, and h is water depth.

Investigation 7: Investigating a Place in the Ocean


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