Status of Geoscience Workforce 2016

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Status of the Geoscience Workforce 2016

The Status of the Geoscience Workforce 2016 report is based on original data collected by AGI as well as from federal data sources, professional membership organizations, and industry. The report integrates all of these various data sources into a comprehensive view of the human and economic parameters of the geosciences, including supply and training of new students, workforce demographics and employment projections, to trends in geosciences research funding and economic indicators.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Trends in K–12 Geoscience Education — Preparing Students for College Geoscience Programs and Society

  • Earth Science Education
  • Teachers
  • Students

Chapter 2: Trends in Two-Year College Geoscience Programs

  • National Benchmarks
  • Two-Year Enrollments
  • Geoscience Departments and Faculty
  • Geoscience Students
  • Geoscience Associate’s Degrees

Chapter 3: Trends in Four-Year Institution Geoscience Programs

  • Geoscience Departments
  • Geoscience Faculty
  • Geoscience University Students
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Student Plans for Graduate School
  • Funding of the Geosciences at the University Level
  • Funding of Geoscience Students

Chapter 4: Trends in Geoscience Employment - Examining Student Transitions and Workforce Dynamics

  • Early Career Workforce
  • Salary Trends for Geoscience Occupations
  • Demographics of the Geoscience Profession
  • Workforce Age Demographics
  • Geoscience Employment Projections 2014–2024

Chapter 5: Trends in Economic Metrics and Drivers of the Geoscience Workforce

  • Federal Research Funding for the Geosciences
  • Commodity Prices and Output
  • Gross Domestic Product Contribution of Geosciences
  • Productive Activity of Geoscience Industries

Appendix A: Defining the Geosciences

  • Educational Classifications
  • Occupational Classifications
  • Industry Classifications
  • AGI’s Working Definition of Geoscience Occupations

Appendix B: Data Sources

  • AGI Data Sources
  • Other Public Sources