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AGI has developed a resource for students, teachers and faculty that explains the types of job opportunities for geoscientists.  The Careers that Change the World Brochure is colorful and informative, explaining what geoscientists do, where they're employed and how to start a career as a geoscientist.  

The geoscience major is highly interactive, interdisciplinary and rewarding. Geoscience integrates the diverse skills of all STEM fields and applies them directly to real world problems. Geoscience addresses critical issues such as energy, meteorology, water and mineral resources, stewardship of the environment, oceanography, reducing natural hazards for society, planetary science and more! Not only does this major allow students to work on many of society’s most important challenges, but it also unlocks lucrative and personally rewarding careers in industry, academia, research and government.

Geoscience jobs are plentiful, salaries are robust, and the demand for young and enthusiastic geoscientists is expected to continue growing. This kind of job security is unparalleled in any other field today. We know supporting students through college is economically challenging, but because of the demand for future professional geoscientists, there are many scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in the discipline. With the appropriate education, interest and background in geoscience, one can pursue a plethora of internships and job opportunities, maximizing the value of students' and parents' investment in college.

AGI's Workforce Development Specialist, Heather Houlton, held a webinar specifically for students and educators to address the information provided in this brochure.  Click on the video below to view the free presentation!


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