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Preparing our Workforce

One of the greatest challenges faced by soon-to-be graduates is the process of starting a career and identifying the best employment opportunity that fits both their strengths and motivations.

Typically, career advice is provided by individuals, either faculty or non-academic geoscientists, and that advice often reflects the singular experiences of that individual and the field in which they are employed.  This interaction is a crucial insight for geoscience students, but such career mentoring can be made easier for the professional and more broadly applicable to the student.

Take a look at our Career Resources webpages:  

  • Are you just beginning to explore your college major and/or career possibilities, but don't know where to start? Take a look at our "Careers that Change the World" Brochure for some great information about our discipline.  ​

  • Are you beginning to think about your future career in the geosciences? Are you looking for advice from non-academic professionals about what to do or where to start? Check out our Advice page.

  • It's overwhelming to think about all the different types of geoscience positions, jobs, occupations and career opportunities that are out there for degree holders.  Think differently about the geoscience job search by viewing our infographic.

  • Are you ready to start that job search? Have you already submitted applications but with no response? Networking may be the answer! Learn some helpful networking tips here.

  • Are you currently in a geoscience program, but have no idea how the skills you are learning are going to be useful in your career? Gain some insight with our Workforce Readiness page.

  • Internships are highly recommended for students looking to start their geoscience career on the right foot. We may have openings here at AGI! Check out our internships page.

  • Or, are you a practicing geoscientist looking for some professional development opportunities?  We have resources for those looking to advance their careers in the geosciences. Take a look at our Professional Development page.