Careers for Geoscientists video

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You can watch the Careers for Geoscientists Video for free via the web. The video is approximately 42 minutes in length, and is being provided as a streaming video option. To view, please press "play" on the video below. You may also make this video fullscreen.

The Careers for Geoscientists video introduces the breadth of scope of the geosciences, including atmosphere, oceans, and the solid-Earth. Through interviews with individual practicing geoscientists discussing current projects, the nature of a career working in the geosciences is revealed. A discussion of the opportunities and adventures of travel, working outdoors, and using state-of-the-art technology is presented through this rare glimpse into the work-a-day world of geoscientists.

Geoscientists interviewed include:

  • William Boicourt, Physical Oceanography, Center for Environmental Sciences
    Studying currents in the Chesapeake Bay to determine how fish populations grow
  • Dan Denson, Exploration Petroleum Geologist, Texaco
    Exploring for Oil in the Deep Waters off of Nigeria
  • Christopher Henry, Research Geologist, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
    Developing Detailed Geologic Maps in Support of the economic and public safety needs of the State of Nevada
  • Kyle House, Geomorphologist, Desert Research Institute
    Determining the ancient flood history of rivers in the Western US (even by using Beer Cans!)
  • Elizabeth Jones, Exploration Geologist, Kennecott Exploration Company
    Exploring for Economic Gold Deposits
  • Bruce Molnia, Research Geologist, US Geological Survey
    Examining Global Change issues on the Bering Glacier, Alaska
  • Jennifer Reber, Geochemist, Amoco Exploration and Production
    Studying the Source Rocks of Petroleum, and Managing the Technology Issues of a Major Oil Company
  • Christopher Strong, Meteorologist, National Weather Service
    Collecting Data and Developing and Issuing Weather Forecasts
  • John Van Wagoner, Stratigrapher, Exxon Production Research Company
    Understanding Earth History Issues related to the development of petroleum exploration
  • Debra Williams, Environmental Geologist, City of Austin, Texas
    Protecting the water quality of the City of Austin
  • Carole Wright, Geophysicist, Landmark
    Developing Advanced Technology Solutions for Petroleum Exploration