GOLI Proposal Submission Form

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Thank you for your interest in being a content expert for the Geoscience Online Learning Initiative (GOLI). To submit your GOLI webinar or on-demand course idea, please fill out the following proposal form and it will be reviewed by a committee within a couple weeks. 

If you have any questions, please email GOLI staff at goli@americangeosciences.org

Please provide a brief description of the issue(s) and or topic this course addresses. Who are the target audiences? What need in the community does this topic fill and why is it important for the target audiences? Please also provide a short list of the top three overarching themes/questions that will be addressed in the course.
Note: If applicable, "Live webinar events" may be converted into on-demand courses if certain requirements are met.
Please round to the nearest 30 minutes (e.g. 1.5), up to 2 hours.
Please round to the nearest 30 minutes (e.g. 1.5), up to 10 hours.
*American Geosciences Institute staff may adjust webinar track if appropriate.
If you chose "Other" for the above question, please describe your proposed content track here.
If your webinar or on-demand course plans to feature more content experts than just yourself, please provide the following information: Names, Affiliations, Emails, description of content to be contributed. If you are the only content expert for this proposal, please type "NA" in the text box.
Please select if you would like this webinar or on-demand course to provide continuing education units (CEUs) through the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) for participants. If you would like us to approach another organization which could offer CEUs, Professional Development Hours, or other Micro-credentials, please select "Other."
If you selected "Other" for the above question, please list what organizations credentials you'd like to offer for your webinar or on-demand course and how you will help GOLI staff to be able to offer them.
Please list any organizations you would recommend that we contact to help spread the word about the event. We provide these organizations with the option to be officially recognized as media partners. Please provide: Organization name, contact name, contact email.