ESS in NGSS: The Work of a Diverse Community Toward Full Implementation

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The NGSS provide a unique opportunity for the Earth and space science community to work together in new ways toward a common goal of full implementation of the Earth and space science domain of the NGSS, and toward teaching and learning in three dimensions: practices, crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas. Building on the results of the Summit on the Implementation of the NGSS at the State Level (jointly organized by NAGT and AGI) and the Earth Educators Rendezvous workshop on Implementing the NGSS: Strengthening Student Understanding of Science and Engineering Practices this presentation focuses on the strategies that are being used to engage a diverse community of stakeholders around the goal of full ESS in NGSS implementation and on expanding the network of the individuals engaged in some aspect of this work. Included in the discussion will be an overview of the ongoing efforts of this working group, and a description of some of the resources and tools under development that address the needs identified through the Summit and workshop.

  • Aida Awad
  • Susan Buhr Sullivan
  • Ed Robeck*
  • Don Duggan-Haas
  • Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2015