Open Geoscience Information Collections

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AGI maintains several open content collections (publications, images) where the content is either available directly on the website or through a link to the originator of the data.

35th International Geological Congress Abstracts

The American Geosciences Institute is providing open full text access to the abstracts from the 35th International Geological Congress that was held in Cape Town, South Africa in August 2016.  This collection covers nearly 4000 abstracts from the program.

Cold Regions Collection

Open resources available through this collection include the Antarctic Journal of the United States, as well as its predecessor publications.

Earth Science World Image Bank

The Earth Science World Image Bank is a service provided by the American Geosciences Institute designed to provide quality geoscience images to the public, educators, and the geoscience community for educational and non-commercial use.

Geological Surveys Database

Discover studies and reports from the state geological surveys and factsheets from the U.S. Geological Survey that pertain to the application of geoscience to societal issues.

Geoscience in Your State

A curated collection of state-specific geoscience information that is decision-relevant and rich with links to credible and impartial sources. Information products include case studies, factsheets, maps and visualizations, webinars, publications from the Geological Surveys Database, and a list of state and local agencies working on geoscience issues.

Geoscience Maps & Visualizations

A curated collection of maps and visualizations from federal and state agencies, including state geological surveys. We provide coverage of all 50 states, and the District of Columbia. The focus of our maps and visualizations collection is on interactive maps and visualization tools.