Geoscience In Your State

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Discover state-specific geoscience information that is decision-relevant and rich with links to credible and impartial sources

Delve into a variety of information resources to learn about how geoscience is being applied in your state in five main topical areas: climate, water, minerals, energy and hazards.

Geoscience In Your State Information Resources

Case Studies & Factsheets

Our portfolio of case studies written by geoscientists for decision makers. Our case studies provide specific examples of how research in the geosciences can be applied to the decision-making process. Our factsheets provide short, clearly written, and scientifically rigorous introductions to a range of topics, and suggest additional free resources for further exploration. AGI staff and an external review team work with the authors to ensure that all case studies are written and presented in a format and style that meets the needs and expectations of decision makers.

Maps & Visualizations

Peruse our collection of maps and visualizations that has been curated from federal and state agencies, including state geological surveys. We provide coverage of all 50 states, and the District of Columbia. The focus of our maps and visualizations collection is on interactive maps and visualization tools.


Watch webinars on a variety of topics that bring geoscientists and decision makers together to discuss potential solutions to challenges at the interface of geoscience and society.

State & Local Agencies

Browse an extensive list of state, and local agencies, and other organizations that work on geoscience issues.