Geoscience Policy Internships and Fellowships: Pathways to Science Policy Careers

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Student and early-career geoscientists commonly seek professions with high societal impact, but pathways to alternative geoscience careers can be difficult to navigate, particularly in science policy and outreach. Many geoscience policy leaders enter the profession through the gateway of policy internships and fellowships. These opportunities crafted for those interested but inexperienced in science policy provide training in government processes, tangible experience in policy analysis, and integration into robust networks of professionals. Geoscientists also develop necessary professional skills in research, writing, project management, collaboration, and leadership, which are highly valued in all industries.

This presentation will identify: (1) the range of policy internships and fellowships available for geoscientists across early-career levels; (2) the courses, groups, workshops, and activities that geoscientists can pursue while enrolled in an academic institution and beyond to enhance their policy experience and increase their competitiveness for policy internships, fellowships, and careers; and (3) a sampling of the careers that geoscientists have pursued after internships and fellowships in geoscience policy.

  • Cassaundra Rose*
  • Anna Normand*
  • Pranoti Asher
  • Carolyn Wilson*
  • Michelle Barreto*
  • Maeve Boland*
  • American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2018