Earth Science Outreach Program Recruits New Majors

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The most significant choke point in the geoscience career pipeline is at its source: secondary schools. Unfortunately, most U.S. high schools do not provide courses that expose students to the geosciences. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of Advanced Placement courses in the geosciences. A lack of student awareness creates a substantial impediment to creating viable geoscience majors in college or for choosing the geosciences as a career.

To address these issues, the State University of New York College at Oneonta has instituted an Earth Science Outreach Program (E.S.O.P.) that enables high-school teachers to teach E.S.O.P. courses at their home high school. E.S.O.P courses are equivalent to introductory college courses in geology, meteorology, oceanography or astronomy. High-school students who complete E.S.O.P. courses earn undergraduate credit through SUNY-Oneonta. To provide further incentive for participation, the college has waived tuition for these courses and only charges a nominal fee.

Since its inception in 2004-2005, 402 students from 10 high schools across New York have taken advanced geoscience elective courses in their high schools through E.S.O.P.

A snapshot of the most recent year for 5 schools shows 13 of 67 students (19.4%) have decided to major in the geosciences as a result of participating in E.S.O.P.

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Schools and students participating in SUNY-Oneonta's Earth Science Outreach Program, and choice of major of E.S.O.P. students. Source; Dr. James R. Ebert, SUNY-Oneonta ESOP.

Date updated: 2009-07-22
Data Brief 2009-008
Written by Dr. James R. Ebert for AGI, July 2009

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