Employment Locations of Graduating Geoscience Students (2013-2018)

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While most geoscience graduates who secured geoscience positions near the time of graduation found jobs domestically, 4% of bachelor's graduates, 2% of master's graduates, and 9% of doctoral graduates accepted geoscience positions outside of the United States. Within the United States, graduating students who secured employment near graduation mostly found geoscience positions in the West South Central, Pacific, and Mountain divisions, primarily due to finding employment in Texas, California, and Colorado.

Within the United States, bachelor's graduates were the most likely to accept geoscience positions within the same region as defined by US Census Divisions as the university they attended for all regions except East South Central and East North Central. Master's graduates who secured employment within the geosciences near the time of graduation more frequently accepted positions outside of their university’s region, with the exception of those master's graduates attending universities in the West South Central, East North Central, and Pacific regions. There were only two regions where at least half of doctorate graduates accepted geoscience jobs in the same Census division as the university they attended: West South Central and West North Central.